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Can’t upgrade the LG Phone via web-update

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  • Last Updated 25/07/2012
  •   Ø Please set your device on PC-software mode. Web-update is only possible when USB mode is set PC-software mode.
  • Ø Please check the battery. Software update procedure can be started when battery is charged more than 40%
  • Ø  In the case when you have a problem with USB driver
    • USB drivers are not installed in multiple cases including
      •  when WINDOWS version is incompatible
      •  when USB drivers are installed while cables are plugged in 
      • when other USB cables are plugged in at the same time 
    •  Remove USB driver and reinstall it as follows 
      • Separate cable from  PC 
      • Go to  PC control panel and click  Add/remove program 
      • Remove LG USB MODEM DRIVER (for android phones) or  LG Android Platform Driver or  LG Android Net Driver 
      • Reboot your PC 
      • On LG Mobile Support Tool, select 'USB Driver Install' and your model to install the driver   

  To install the driver, USB cable must be separated. 

  • Ø The phone software upgrade stopped before completion

         Don’t close the update tool, disconnect the cable and reconnect it.  And check connecting USB Driver on your PC.  After  that, please restart the update  

※  If you closed the update tool already, please follow the below steps.

            1) Execute LG Mobile Support Tool
            2) Connect the phone to PC via USB Cable.
            3) Select the menu “Customer Support” – “Recovery Phone” 
            4) Input the IMEI or Model Name, S/N and Click Check .
            5) After checking the phone information, it will start to update automatically
  • Ø  LGST not install or “lgmobil dll.dll’” error

         remove below folder and reinstall LGST. 

 1) WINDOWS XP :  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LGMOBILEAX\B2C_Client è remove all.

 2) WINDOWS 7 : C:\ProgramData\LGMOBILEAX\B2C_Client è remove all.

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