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[Refrigerator] How to dismantle SXS door?

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  • Last Updated 04/09/2014


How to dismantle SXS door?





Doors can be disassembled for moving or relocation.


How to fix


Standard DIOS refrigerator 
Use a screw driver to separate refrigerator cover.



Refrigerator door :

Turn Y-shaped hook clockwise to be perpendicular to  its original position. 
Lift up to remove.

Freezer door :

Turn Y-shaped hook counter clockwise to be perpendicular to its original position. 
Lift up to remove.


Lift up the door and pull forward to remove.
※ Be careful when removing as the door is very heavy.
    (Assemble by following the order in reverse. )
※ Contact the service center for models with dispensers.


Removing the refrigerator door of a French door DIOS is same as removing     

      the door of standard DIOS refrigerator.

      To dissemble a freezer door, remove the white screw on the side front.

      Lift up the door and pull forward.



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