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Arcing or Sparking

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  • Microwave oven, Refrigerators
  • Last Updated 27/07/2016

Arcing or Sparking


Arcing or Sparking

 How to fix

Is the unit empty?

The microwave should NEVER be operated empty. This is because there must be something inside the unit to absorb the microwaves or the cavity will be burned/scorched. Place a cup of water in the microwave and “cook” for 30 seconds. If no sparking, then it is okay to continue use.

Does the unit have a metal rack?

If the unit comes with a metal rack, be certain that the rack is installed properly on all four of the support brackets. If not, sparking can occur. The brackets are plastic to prevent this from happening, but if not installed properly and the rack touches the wall inside, sparking will occur.