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[Dryer] Is ‘Empty Water Container’ message displayed?

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  • Last Updated 10/07/2014


Is ‘Empty Water Container’ message displayed?




  - If the product stops while drying and ‘Empty Water Container’ is displayed, it implies product is

    unable to drain.  

  - If the message is displayed, the product may stop operating.



 1) When using a water container

  - Empty the water container and press Start/Pause button to restart.

  - If the message is continuously displayed even after empting, level the dryer.

     (Adjust the lower leg of dryer for leveling)








※ Water container must be emptied every time you use the dryer.

The full capacity of water container is 9 kg for drying.  If you do not empty water container and use dryer

for the second time, ‘Empty Water Container’ message will be displayed and the product may pause

during use.

You can empty the water container in the middle of operation so there is no need to stop.

If you do not want to empty the water container every time, install a drain hose to drain. 



2) When using a drain hose

   : Check if the drain hose is twisted or sunk in water.




※ Drain hose extension is not available.

     Flow resistance can increase and disturb draining. Use a water container or move the product.


※ You might be charged for service regardless of the warranty period if the cause of malfunction is not

     emptying the water container.




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