The Perfect Match for your laundry

LG WashTower™ is presented with an innovative vertical streamline design, integrating a washing machine and dryer as one. The Perfect Solution to a more relaxed, intelligent and efficient way to do laundry.
Wash your worries away with Smart Pairing™1 Wash your worries away with Smart Pairing™2

Wash your worries away with Smart Pairing™

Automatically sets the dryer cycle based on the last wash cycle completed by the washer.
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Control & monitor with LG ThinQ™ AI at Anywhere, Anytime.

The LG ThinQ™ app allows you to easily access your WashTower™. Start washing and drying at the touch of a button.

Smart laundry with AI DD™

Forget about sorting or choosing cycles, our AI technology uses built-in sensors to detect fabric texture & load size. Then, the AI will customize wash motions and drying temperatures for a more advanced fabric care.
Smart laundry with AI DD™1 Smart laundry with AI DD™2
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One touch button, Centre Control™

The centrally located panel provides easy access to both washer and dryer controls in a convenient location for all ages.
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DUAL Inverter HeatPump™1 DUAL Inverter HeatPump™2

DUAL Inverter HeatPump™

Saves electricity and reduce fabric damage while drying your clothing.
  • Conventional

  • LG DUAL Inverter

Designed to Care for What You Wear1 Designed to Care for What You Wear2

Designed to Care for What You Wear

LG WashTower™ is designed as an integrated single body that fits well anywhere with a built-in look, making it easier than ever to create a laundry room that's stylish and aesthetically pleasing.