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[TV] Settings_Picture_Picture Mode (Smart)

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  • Last Updated 05/08/2014


Settings_Picture_Picture Mode (Smart)



Smart  è Settings è Picture è Picture Mode


Select the best picture mode for your viewing preference.




  - Heightens contrast, brightness and sharpness to display vivid images.



  - Displays images in standard levels of contrast, brightness and sharpness.



  - The Energy Saver feature changes settings on the TV to reduce power consumption.


Cinema / Game

  - Displays the optimum picture for movies and games.



  -  Menu for adjusting picture quality that allows experts and amateurs to enjoy the best TV viewing. This menu

     is ISF-certified and provided for picture tuning experts(ISF logo can only be used on ISF-certified TV units.).

     ISFccc : Imaging Science Foundation Certified Calibration Control.



  - Depending on the input signal, the available range of picture modes may differ.

    Expert option  is for tuning experts for detailed adjustment and the adjustment in general image

    may not be noticeable.




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