How much of an influence do art and technology both have on the world of design? 

The relationship between the two was discussed at London Design Week earlier this month, at which LG’s premium brand, LG SIGNATURE showcased its range of products that perfectly blend art with technology to create a masterpiece. 

While LG’s OLED Rollable and 8K OLED TVs have stirred up intrigue and excitement lately, the classic LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W took centerstage at the exhibition. As the perfect example of art and technology gracefully coming together, this super-thin television a caught the eye of the aesthetically-conscious crowd.

A truly smart work of art

The OLED TV W is a smart television in more ways than one. Through built-in artificial intelligence, it learns to optimise picture and sound depending on the quality of content it displays. While Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration mean you can control the TV and other smart home appliances with the power of your voice - taking convenience to a whole new level. 

If it’s picture quality you’re after, look no further than the OLED TV W. Millions of self-emitting pixels, only available on OLED TVs, create an incredible colour range, which is presented on its perfect black background. 

Select Gallery Mode and the OLED TV W will display famous pictures and paintings in astonishing quality, adding that subtle touch of class to your living room - proof, if ever you needed it, that this television is as much a piece of art as it is technological innovation. 

At ‘one with the wall’

Thanks to OLED technology, this ground-breaking television is astonishingly thin. With a depth of just 5.96mm it’s well and truly at ‘one with the wall’, making it a unique yet subtle statement for any room. And it was arguably this feature that most captured the imagination of those at London Design Week. 

A cinematic sound experience

This isn’t a television that compromises on sound either. The OLED TV W delivers cinematic sound quality to your own home. Powered by Dolby Atmos Cinema, it’s capable of transforming your living space into the ultimate entertainment arena. 

LG SIGNATURE range showcased

LG’s state-of-the-art TV wasn’t the only LG SIGNATURE product on show at London Design Week. A set, created in collaboration with iconic design magazine, Wallpaper*, also showcased two of LG’s most innovative refrigerators, the French Door Refrigerator and the Bottom-freezer Refrigerator - both kitchen masterpieces in their own right.

LG SIGNATURE’s Wine Cellar also left a lasting impression. With a striking darkened glass door that brightens when knocked on, allowing you to admire your growing collection, this 65-bottle wine cellar turns amateur wine collectors into vino connoisseurs. 

Also on show was the elegant LG SIGNATURE TWINWash - a first-of-its-kind washing machine capable of washing two separate loads simultaneously. If that’s not enough, being able to control it through your smartphone might just be.

Completing the line-up at London Design Week were LG SIGNATURE’s Air Purifier and the elegant Air Conditioner - both of which perfectly combine style, performance and practicality.

The future of design, discussed

At the LG SIGNATURE and Wallpaper* exhibition, a collection of industry experts shared opinions on how art and design can bring technological masterpieces to life.

With the discussion chaired by Wallpaper* technology editor Jonathan Bell, fellow speakers included head of LG Electronics H&A Design Lab Wook-jun Chung; renowned Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas of Studio Fuksas; Matt Clark, founder of the United Visual Artists practice in London; and virtuoso watchmaker Antoine Preziuso, winner of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève Innovation and Public Prize awards. It was a gathering of world-class talent at the nexus of craft, design, innovation, architecture, technology and art.

A true reflection of LG SIGNATURE

The tagline ‘art inspires technology, technology completes art’ was the theme of the exhibition. 

And you could certainly argue this slogan defines LG’s premium brand, creating beautifully designed and brilliantly engineered products that enhance living spaces in more ways than one. 

For more LG SIGNATURE inspiration, visit the LG SIGNATURE website.

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