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Such is the speed in which technology develops, that it seems like every year we are blown away by a new product at CES. And when it comes to the world of televisions this is amplified even more, with the world’s biggest tech event used as a way for companies to show off their groundbreaking new TVs. 

LG has always used the Las Vegas show as a way to demonstrate its technological advances and CES 2020 is no different. Once again it provides visitors with the chance to see how OLED technology is changing how televisions are produced, making them lighter and thinner than ever thought possible, while at the same time delivering unbeatable picture quality. 

Providing a glimpse into the future of televisions, from wallpaper thin screens and 8K resolutions to rollable displays, CES 2020 shows just why the range of LG OLED TVs are so special. 

Welcome to the world of rollable TVs 

Only possible thanks to the revolution of OLED - with the absence of a backlight making the display light, thin and durable - the idea of a rollable TV was first showcased by LG at CES 2018. Now two years later, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R will be available to buy in South Korea and is set to completely change how televisions are produced. 

Not only is the LG rollable TV a significant advance in technology, but the design is minimalist and no longer has to dominate the living room. More like a work of art, the screen can appear at a touch of a button, while the aspect ratio can change for specific cinematic experiences, with options for Full View, Line View and Zero View. 

With Full View you can experience the entire extent of contrast, depth and realism thanks to perfect blacks and crisp colours being combined with Dolby Vision and a α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor. 

When not watching your favourite films and TV shows, you can choose to hide the screen completely with Zero View or make the most of Line View which features six different modes. This allows you to check the time, view your favourite photos on the reduced display or listen to music, with the front-firing speaker with Dolby Atmos delivering high-quality sound like no other. 

An all new OLED exhibit 

At CES 2020, LG will once again create a stunning OLED visual exhibit that perfectly demonstrates the capability of this cutting edge technology. In each of the last three years, LG has constructed a memorable showcase that features numerous OLED screens connected together to produce a truly breathtaking view. 

Three years ago, visitors could walk through a tunnel and be surrounded by displays that showed a colourful, cosmic skyline. The following year the maze took you through a dense forest, while last year a canyon was created that showed fireworks and a beautiful night sky. 

All three exhibits made use of OLED technology by featuring curved displays and highlighting the incredible detail that is created from millions of pixels that can each be individually turned on and off. These deep shades of black and brilliant whites were perfectly highlighted in the night sky display, while the extraordinary detail and depth was there for all to see in the colourful forest.

Bringing OLED to every living room with 48-inch model

Alongside these flagship OLED models sits a more humble option, and one that shows OLED has the potential to end up in every living room in the near future. LG debuted their 48-inch OLED TV at CES, showcasing the technology on the smallest display yet, and providing yet another OLED option to consumers looking to get the very best entertainment experience.

The latest in wallpaper displays 

As has become the tradition for LG at CES, this year a new TV is on display for the very first time in Las Vegas. The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV range is being showcased and quickly caught the eye of all those in attendance. 

This came after the success of the OLED TV W9 which was one of the most radical designs produced by LG. Impossibly thin at just 3.81mm, the television features a picture-on-wall design that is only possible thanks to OLED technology

Packed with 8.3 million pixels that create perfect black and infinite contrast, the W9 featured LG’s most powerful 4K processor that helped enhance images and with noise reduction. It was also hugely popular with the gaming community thanks to it supporting a wider bandwidth for high framer rates, allowing fast-paced game to be enjoyed by minimising input lag. 

The W9 could also act as a home entertainment system thanks to it supporting AirPlay 2 which allows you to share movies, TV shows, photos and music straight from an iPhone, iPad or Mac. With Google Assistant and Alexa also built-in, you could control your entire connected home though the TV. 

The LG SIGNATURE Wallpaper TV looks like a piece of art.
The LG SIGNATURE Wallpaper TV looks like a piece of art.

Be blown away by 8K 

Perhaps the biggest leap in TV technology comes in the form of 8K resolution. And at CES 2020 there were a range of LG televisions on display that proved why this is set to be a game changer. Providing a viewing experience unlike any other, LG 8K OLED TVs produce images that are composed of up to 33 million pixels and with a resolution of 7680x4320, twice that of 4K and four times Full HD. 

These extra pixels make a staggering difference in image quality, allowing viewers to see minute details that are particularly noticeable in nature documentaries. It will also elevate TV shows and films, with a number of Hollywood directors now shooting in 8K, including Guardians of the Galaxy’s James Gunn. 

LG’s 8K models highlight the wide-ranging benefits of OLED; from unmatched pure black without light leakage to realistic colour at any viewing angle and an impressive contrast ratio. On top of that, the TVs have LG’s most powerful processor yet – the α9 (Alpha9) Gen 3 Intelligent Processor. 

These enhanced AI capabilities deliver a stunning viewing experience as deep learning technology can analyse more than one million visual data points on the screen and optimise the content. This means improved noise reduction, sharp images, minimal blur and even enhanced sound. This upscaling technology also boosts the quality of 1080p and 4K content, meaning your favourite films and TV shows will look better than ever. 

You’ll also feel more immersed in the action thanks to the incredible picture and sound, whether you are watching a blockbuster like Avengers: Endgame or playing the highly anticipated The Last of Us 2. 

An 8K OLED TV compared to a NanoCell 8K TV.
An 8K OLED TV compared to a NanoCell 8K TV.


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