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IFA 2018 has come to a close and LG have had some of their best, smartest and most cutting-edge technology on show.

The tech zone boasted a range of viewing experiences and exhibitions for visitors to enjoy and immerse themselves in; but it wasn’t just the obvious products that boasted LG’s innovative expertise.

Whether the IFA attendees were a family in need of the perfect home cinema, or business owners looking for groundbreaking commercial displays, LG had something for everyone.

The world’s first OLED 8K TV

When the 4K TVs were released, a whole new viewing experience became a reality. Now, 8K TVs are entering the market to take the experience to another level.

And in a game-changer for the industry, LG has produced the first OLED 8K TV. LG’s OLED quality has led their TVs to become infamous for producing perfect blacks, precise colours and high contrast and resolution.

And when you add 8K into the mix, you get a TV that wows like no other.

LG G7 Fit and One

LG mobile is continuing to offer something for everyone; and alongside the flagship G7ThinQ there are now two more options available as well. The G7 One with Android One, and G7 Fit with Android Oreo, are on hand if you want a flagship phone without the flagship price tag.

Both have the same design, surround sound, Hi-Fi Quad DAC and display as the G7ThinQ. But the materials, hardware and camera experience all differ so you can really find the right phone for your needs.

It all forms part of the G7 series that is only getting better.

OLED Canyon takes digital experience to a whole new level

Taking advantage of the flexibility and quality of the LG OLED TVs, the OLED Canyon installation featured 246 Open Frame displays across nearly 28 metres.

Thanks to perfect black and incredible colour, the visuals depicting some of the world’s greatest natural wonders make you feel like you are actually there.

Super UHD comparison highlights the difference

It’s one thing to talk about the perfect black and wide range of colours that LG TVs can offer, but the proof is in the vision.

At IFA 2018, the best Super UHD TVs were on show with live comparisons, so there can be no doubts over the difference in quality.

The next generation is now with MicroLEDs

Looking beyond OLED and to the next generation of even thinner, more flexible TVs, microLED is being lauded as the next step in immersive display technology. And you could see the new technology for yourself with LG’s large-scale home cinema at IFA 2018.

The cinema provides a complete viewing experience, with strong blacks, bright colours and perfect contrasts. Such technology is one to watch in the coming months as LG lays out plans to add it to their home entertainment lineup.

XBOOM Speakers to rock your world 

Inside the XBOOM section was an entire collection of speakers and subwoofers as well as DJ equipment to get the party started. The XBOOM Gos created a wall of light and sound where you could actually see the bass movement. The sizes range from the convenient PK3 to the professional party host’s OK99.

Getting around with OLED

When you think of OLED, LG’s wide range of TVs most often come to mind. But this technology was also utilised in the signage at IFA 2018.
At the exhibition, a range of commercial lighting solutions were used throughout LG’s zones to make sure products were well lit and effectively displayed.
The Travel, Gourmet and Care Zones had OLED lighting, glass stands and multi-faceted signage and lighting. At LG SIGNATURE, the 88” Ultra Stretch signage and OLED lighting. And the tech zone took advantage of the next generation of LED lighting with microLED signage alongside hanging glass.

Projecting new quality and technology

The LG CineBeam has been a leader in its field since being introduced to the market. But now, the 130” large screen 4K UHD model is taking projected movies to a whole new level.
With all the latest features, including wireless connection, mobile device mirroring, long-lasting brightness and 20,000 hour lifetime, this project will really make your home cinema pop.

Life's good!

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