• Whether you are moving into a new house with your family, or you’re getting your own place for the first time, or maybe you just need to renew your home appliances, there is no escaping getting a washing machine that is easy to use and effective.

    LG ensures to deliver not only what you’re looking for and expecting, but it also offers you the best and most innovative washing machines for your home, so it quite literally takes the load of washing your clothes off your back, and makes chores an easy going process.

    You don’t need to worry about the quality of your washing machine anymore with LG’s top washing machines as there are many of them to choose from, here are the top 3 LG washing machines for 2022, so you know what washing machine is the one for your needs:

  • 1) LG TWINWash™, Washer 12 Kg, AI DD™, 6 Motion Direct Drive, Steam™, ThinQ™:

    This Twin washing machine from LG is the definition of innovation; it is the world’s first washing machine that comprises two separate washers, which enables you to wash more clothes in a less amount of time, and separate items you do not feel comfortable washing in the same load.

  • Two Separate Washers: the main one is for bigger items such as jeans and bedding, while the other mini washer is for delicate fabrics, baby’s wear, white clothes and towels.
    Steam™ Technology: this technology activates Allergy Care to defeat invisible allergens, Steam Refresh to reduce wrinkles and odor, and Steam Softener to soften your clothes.
    AI DD™: this special technology detects the weight and softness of the fabric you’re washing, so it optimizes the best washing patterns to clean your clothes and not damage them.
    Less Noise: the two high-efficiency Inverter Direct Drive motors elevate the washing machine’s performance but not the noise; they lessen the noise and the machine’s vibration.
    Add Item: the Add Item feature allows you to open the door of the washing machine and add those items you forgot to include in your load.

  • 2) LG Washer & Dryer, 10 / 7 Kg, AI DD™, 6 Motion Direct Drive, Steam™, ThinQ™

    This washing machine is another impressive one from LG that is designed especially for your needs, so your daily life becomes easier and much less hectic. This LG Washer & Dryer does not only have AI DD™ Technology, but it is a washing machine and a dryer all in one!

    Some of its features are the following:

  • 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology: After choosing a washing program, this technology moves the washing drum in one of six multiple motions, such as stepping, scrubbing, tumbling and swinging, to fully clean and wash your clothes with no aftermath damage.
    AI DD™: this special technology detects the weight and softness of the fabric you’re washing, so it optimizes the best washing patterns to clean your clothes and not damage them.
    Steam™ Technology: this technology ensures the best and healthiest quality of your clothes as it defeats invisible allergens, reduces wrinkles and odor, and softens your clothes.
    Washer and Dryer in One: this washing machine from LG is indeed everything you need in one place; the non-stop wash-to-dry cycle will help you save space in your home, and make more room for your family.
    EcoHybrid Technology: this technology ensures the eco-friendliness of the washing machine. Select the Eco Dry Mode that uses no water but air dries instead, or the Normal Dry Mode that shortens the drying time, saving you time, water, and energy costs.

  • 3) Top Load Washer, 12Kg, Black Color, Smart Inverter Control, TurboDrum™, Smart Diagnosis™

    This washing machine from LG is loaded with surprising features that are dedicated to achieve your convenience, comfort and the clothes washing quality that you’ve always dreamt of. So what are those features? What makes this washing machine from LG one of the best washing machines?

  • Smart Inverter Control this technology saves energy use by 36% compared to the conventional LG washing machines; even with the power cord plugged in while power is off, only little electricity will run through the washer.
    Smart Motion: Enjoy the best combination of three motions; agitating for powerful washing, rotating for tangle free washing, and swinging for delicate wash.
    TurboDrum: the rotating drum and pulsator remove the toughest dirt so you won’t have to check your laundry anxiously for any remains after the washing is done.
    Auto Pre-Wash: with the pre-wash option you won’t have to hand wash anything, especially those stubborn stains, as they’ll be washed away with the 8-minute auto pre-wash option.
    Side Waterfall: the side waterfall mixes the detergent with water in the best way possible, and minimizes detergent residue that can cause skin irritation and allergy.
    Smart Inverter Motor: this type of motor minimizes the noise and vibration of the washing machine, and gives you a warranty for up to 10 years.

  • Whatever it is that you need, you can find it with the best washing machine brand - LG, as it provides you with many innovative and efficient washing machines that exceed your expectations.