• It is essential for every home to have the best and most comfortable kitchen possible, as it is the place where all family members gather for dinner, or to make a quick snack and catch up. You need to perfect your kitchen with the best dishwasher, so you finally stop worrying about having many people over, or about the amount of dishwashing you have to endure after trying a new messy recipe.

    The dishwashing machines from LG will make your cooking experience fun, and the cleaning one easy and quick, all thanks to their features designed just for your comfort and convenience.

    So, what are these features? And why should you have an LG dishwasher in your kitchen?

  • 1) TrueSteam™ Technology: This technology is one of many that makes LG dishwashers the best ones, in which, boiling water’s steam reaches all surfaces entirely, so you have sparkling clean dishes, cups, and glasses.

    And let’s not forget that TrueSteam reduces water spots by up to 30%. This way, you will never have to worry about the quality of your dishwashing, LG dishwashers will handle it for you.

    2) QuadWash™: Have you ever cleaned your dishes a couple of times to get them properly cleaned? That is surely tiring and stressful if you have people coming over, and you need to be quick. But there’s no need to do rounds of dishwashing with LG.

    QuadWash within LG dishwashers provides maximum coverage through multi-motion spray arms and high-pressure jets to get everything perfectly clean in one go, as the strong spray arms rotate and spray water in all directions.

  • 3) Maximum flexibility: Maybe you’ve found that loading your dishwasher is burdensome and confusing, and maybe not practical at all; but that is never the case with LG dishwashing machines.

    LG dishwashers offer you foldable tines that allow you much flexibility to load the machine however you see fit. They also provide you with upper racks, heights of which can be adjusted to three different levels, and not only that, but you get a height-adjustable 3rd rack within your dishwasher for the hard-to-fit items such as espresso cups.

    4) Great convenience and performance: LG dishwashers not only provide you with the cleanest dishes, but they also ensure you a convenient experience. So, at the end of each program, the washer’s door opens automatically so the heated air leaves the washer, and it gets replaced with fresh air.

    And if you want to save some extra time, you can use the dual–zone in dishwashers from LG to wash heavy pots and pans in a separate space from the one you’re washing delicate dishes in. This way, your kitchenware isn’t damaged, and you get it washed much faster.

    Do you have any heavy-soiled dishes? The turbo cycle will have them cleaned in less than an hour.

    5) ThinQ™: A smarter home means ThinQ™ with LG dishwashers. It is time to have a smarter, connected, and more convenient home with ThinQ™, as the LG ThinQ™ smartphone app allows you to download new wash cycles that meet all your needs.

    Through the app, you can also personalize your own washing cycles, and it will remind you to clean the dishwasher after every 30 cycles in order to maintain it.

    In addition, the app will help you diagnose any problems that may come up with the dishwasher, and help you find solutions quickly.

  • Every day’s hustle and busy schedules make owning a dishwasher essential, and that is exactly why you should get an LG dishwasher, as it will serve you convenience, comfort, and the cleanest kitchenware.