LG MULTI V 5 is an integrated solution that combines advanced technologies for high rise buildings. It provides maximum energy efficiency while minimizing operational costs and its Dual Sensing Control senses humidity & temperature.
  • MULTI-V-5_04_01_Smart-Load-Control_16112017_D_1510816275959

    Smart Load Control

    Smart load control manages cooling load by sensing both temperature and humidity to increase energy efficiency.

  • MULTI-V-5_04_02_Comfort-Cooling_16112017_D_1510816269346

    Comfort Cooling

    Comfort cooling helps maintain operation at mild cooling mode without stopping in between operations.

  • MULTI-V-5_04_03_Enhanced-Heating-Operation_16112017_D_1510816264180

    Enhanced Heating

    Increased heating hour with delay in frosting of heat exchanger due to precise dew point prediction.

  • MULTI-V-5_06_01_Enhanced-Bearing-with-PEEK-Material_16112017_D_1510816441560

    Enhanced Bearing with PEEK Material

    Enhanced bearing with PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) material increases durability and reliability of compressor via lubricative bearing material and refined shape.

  • MULTI-V-5_06_02_Vapor-Injection_16112017_D_1510816446352

    Vapor Injection

    Two-stage compression effect provides efficient heating operation in low temperature conditions.

  • MULTI-V-5_06_03_Smart-Oil-Management_16112017_D_1510816617418

    Smart Oil Management

    Oil sensor runs oil recovery operation only if necessary to increase compressor efficiency. It also balances and manages oil level in both compressors.

  • MULTI-V-5_06_04_HiPOR_16112017_D_1510816626291


    HiPOR™ (High Pressure Oil Return) minimizes energy loss with direct oil return.

D08_HA-AS-Multi-V-5-07-Desktop M08_HA-AS-Multi-V-5-07-Mobile

The Optimal High-Efficiency Air Quality Solution

Install LG ERV alongside Multi V 5 and enjoy energy-saving ventilation. ERV reacts to outdoor temperatures and CO2 levels to provide more efficient heating and cooling.

  • MULTI-V-5_08_01_Biomimetics-Technology-Fan_16112017_D_1510816753035

    Biomimetics Technology

    Enhanced fans increase air flow rate up to 10% while reducing power consumption up to 20%.

  • MULTI-V-5_08_02_Increased-Air-Flow-Rate_16112017_D_1510816758266

    Increased Air Flow Rate

    Extended shroud provides higher heat exchanging capacity to increase air flow rate.

  • MULTI-V-5_08_03_4-sided-Heat-Exchanger_16112017_D_1510816768702

    4-sided Heat Exchanger

    It improves heat transfer up to 20 which eventually enhances capacity and performance.

Easy Control with Multi V-AHU Connection Easy Control with Multi V-AHU Connection

Easy Control with Multi V-AHU Connection

MULTI V can be connected to the DX coil of an Air Handling Unit for fresh air conditioned environment.
Various control options are prepared for LG controllers or supplied DDC, which can contact signal or Modbus protocols.