Single split

Control the temperature in several spaces at once with high-performance LG split air conditioning units. Designed for style and functionality, split air conditioners offer an efficient and cost-effective way to create a comfortable environment.
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    LG’s Smart Inverter compressor maximizes user comfort by adjusting output to ensure that room temperature remains at the set temperature. Users will also benefit from the quick-cooling capabilities.
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    Ideal for regions with unstable electricity supply, LG’s Smart Inverter Single Split air conditioners operate at a higher degree of stability and reliability with wide operation range.
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    Wide Operation Range

    LG’s superior compressor technologies guarantee stable performance across a wide range of temperatures.
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    High and Low Voltage Protection

    When abnormal voltage supplied, LG Smart Inverter compressor automatically shuts down and assures its reliability. However, constant-speed compressor has higher risk of damage.