Ventilation Solution (ERV)

LG Ventilation Solution ERV is a highly efficient solution for fresh indoor air. With multiple air-purifying steps, you can breathe healthier air.
* The temperature setting in this image is only an example. The target temperature changes according to user’s preferred setting.
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    CO₂ Concentration Control

    Using CO₂ sensor, ERV controls exhaust air flow automatically to keep indoor air fresh under settled CO₂ concentration.
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    Air Purifying System

    ERV can effectively remove various harmful substances, such as micro dust and viruses through 3 air purifying steps. First, basic filter which is installed front and behind of heat exchanger filters out harmful substances. Then, heat exchanger equipped with antivirus coating blocks the breeding of harmful viruses. In addition, high efficiency filter (F8) installed in front of heat exchanger, the optional filter, blocks 80-90% of dust sized 0.4μm can remove micro dust.
* LG Internal simulation result.