611L Side by Side Fridge with Uvnano™ in Matte Black Finish

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611L Side by Side Fridge with Uvnano™ in Matte Black Finish

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*Based on Intertek testing of SX5534WB, GR-S632GLRC, and LFX31945ST/02, according to LG internal test method, measuring percentage reduction in exchange rate of air when opening Door-in-Door™ compared to fridge door for 10 seconds. Results may vary by models and duration of door opening.

Show off your best side

Satisfy your organized side. Show off your stylish side. Designed for form and function, LG’s Side-by-Side fridges have the capacity and easy access you’ve been looking for with looks that impress and perform.
Show off your best side Show off your best side
  • All the ice – All the space

    All the ice – All the space

    Get all the ice you need without sacrificing shelf space. LG’s innovative slim, in-door design frees up freezer shelf space so you can use every inch for storage while still enjoying easy access to ice when you need it.

  • Standard Cubed Ice

    Standard Cubed Ice

    SpacePlus ice maker on the freezer door dispenses traditional cubed ice. You’ll have enough to fill the cooler.

  •  Bite-sized Crushed Ice

    Bite-sized Crushed Ice

    Crushed ice is ready with an easy touch from the dispenser – perfect to cool drinks quickly from sports bottles on the weekend to happy hour cocktails.

Smooth Operations, Sleek Looks

Smooth Operations, Sleek Looks

Dispense everything from chilled filtered water to filtered cubed or crushed ice with just a light touch. This modern update is both beautiful and practical, designed to be easy to clean to stay looking fresh.

Cooling Technologies

This refrigerator keeps things cold and fresh, with the combined innovations of LG.
Door Cooling+

Door Cooling+

With Door Cooling+, door contents stay cool with blasts of cold air. And cold air in the freezer reaches more shelves, more evenly.
*The UVnano (function name: Self Care) was assessed by laboratory tests by TÜV Rheinland using internal testing methods of measuring reduction of E. coli, S. aureus and P. aeruginosa in distilled water samples after exposure to the product’s UV LED for 10 minutes each hour, after a total of 24 hours in normal household use. Actual results may vary depending on environmental conditions and usage. The product does not treat or cure health-related conditions and does not guarantee that water filtered by the product will be free from contaminants such as microbiological particles affecting health of users.
*UVnano is a compound of the words UV(ultraviolet) and nanometer(unit of length).

Smart Living Begins with LG ThinQ™

Wi-Fi-enabled appliances let you control and monitor your refrigerator with your smartphone and voice commands.
  • Link Your Fridge & Smartphone

    The LG ThinQ™ app allows you to easily connect with your refrigerator. Turn on 'Express Freeze' with just the tap of a button.
    Image on the right shows a woman standing in a grocery store looking at her phone. Image on the left shows the refrigerator front view. In the center of the images is an icon to show connectivity between the phone and refrigerator.
  • Open Door Alerts

    Not sure if you left the refrigerator door open? No worries! The LG ThinQ™ app will send a notification directly to your phone to alert you.
    The image on the left shows a woman standing outside the house. The image on the right shows that the refrigerator door has been left open. In the foreground of the two images is the phone screen which shows the LG ThinQ app notifications and the Wifi icon above the phone.
  • Enjoy Personalised Operation & Savings

    Part of the LG ThinQ™ app, Smart Learner analyzes habits to anticipate temperature and energy needs. It will increase cooling 2 hours before periods of high usage so that even when the door is opened frequently, the fridge temperature stays where you've set it.
    The whole family is sitting at the table preparing a meal. InstaView refrigerator installed on one side of the kitchen is creating cool air quickly.
*Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.
*Amazon, Alexa, Echo and all related logos and motion marks are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates.
*LG SmartThinQ is now renamed as LG ThinQ.
*Smart features and voice assistant product may vary by country and model. Check with your local retailer or LG for service availability.
*Voice-enabled smart speaker device is not included.
  • Sales Model
    Side by Side
  • Main Change Point
    Flat Door, Door Cooling,
    New I&W Dispenser with UVNano
  • Capacity(Gross/Net)
    674L / 611L
    Dimension : mm (WxHxD)
    913 x 1,790 x 735
  • Finishing
    Matte Black Steel
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