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Why does an oven turn on and off by itself?

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  • Last Updated 04/05/2015

Why does an oven turn on and off intermittently?

Why does a product operate by itself when plugged in?







Symptom Symptom


             1. An oven turns on and off by itself.








Checkpoint Checkpoint


             1. Applicable models : All lightwave ovens (QR applied model: MA921MBS / MA921MBN / MA921NWS / MA921NBS )

                                                     All micorwave ovens


             2. Check for obstacles that prevent a door from closing or see if Energy Saving is activated.








How to fix for a microwave How to fix


          For a micorwave oven


             1. Please remove any obstacle such as a decorative cover.

                  If a door cannot close properly, a product may malfunction.


             2. Open and close door 2-3 times to remove materials on the door.



                 a decorative cover is caught on the product door.Open and close door 2-3 times to remove materials on the door.





          For an oven with a display


             1. Check if Energy Saving feature is on if display turns on and off intermittently.

                 (Check if the display works normally when only display is off and buttons work properly)


                 Display will be turned off if a unit is not used for five minutes to save energy consumption.



             2. Open and close a door to deactivate Energy Saving feature.





          For an oven without a display

                  Check any obstacles around the door.  Remove the obstacle.


              1. An oven may malfunction if a door is not closed properly due to an obstacle such as a decorative cover. 

                  Check and remove any obstacle.

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