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Power supply

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  • Last Updated 04/08/2017


 Check point

The dishwasher requires a 220~230V, 15AMP, 50Hz grounded electrical supply.

It is recommended that a separate circuit service only the dishwasher is used.

1. This appliance must be supplied with the correct and same as shown on instruction manual,  and connected to

    an individual, properly earthed branch circuit, protected by a minimum 15 amp circuit breaker or time delay fuse.

    Wiring must be 2 wires with Earth.

2. The power plug must be in a accessible location adjacent to and not behind the dishwasher and within 1.2   

    meters of the dishwasher side.

3. The power plug must be correctly earthed, if in doubt, have it checked by a qualified Electrician. No other

    appliance should be connected to the same plug outlet by a double adapter or similar plug.

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