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What should I do when a Roboking does not turn on or cannot be charged?

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  • Last Updated 11/05/2015

What should I do when a Roboking does not turn on or cannot be charged? 


           Power > Can not be turned on



          Please check the back of a Roboking to find a main power switch on the left. Turn it on if it is off.


How to fix

         1. Turn on the main power switch found at the back of a Roboking. 
           2. Please hold START/STOP button on the unit for a second until a beep sounds.
           3. If it is not turned on, please put the Roboking squarely face to face with the Home Station to charge.
           4. When charging start, a voice message “Charging begins” can be heard.
           5. If a voice message saying “Main power switch is turned off. Please turn it on” is repeated, please check if the switch is on.
           6. When dirt is on a charging slot of either the product or the Home Station, please clean with a cleaning brush or a soft cloth.  
           7. Please gently put the Roboking upside down on a soft fabric on the floor to clean the main unit.
           8. If the Roboking is not used for a long period of time (about a week), turn off the main power switch to save energy.


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