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[LG G4]What can I do with a Twin Headset?

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  • Last Updated 08/06/2015


What can I do with a Twin Headset?



Function Function

            1.You can enjoy music and videos with an earphone and a BT headset.

              - When the earphone and BT headset are connected to the phone at the same time, two users can listen together.


How to use How to use

            1. If you connect the Bluetooth headset to your phone with a earphone plugged in, or
                when an earphone is plugged in the phone when it is connected to the Bluetooth headset,
                a pop up will appear to ask whether you will use Twin Headset or not.
            2. If you choose Yes, music can be heard on both Bluetooth headset and earphone.

                If you answer No, music is only heard on the connected device.


                              a twin headset

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