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#Care For Where You Live

Have you ever taken small steps to prevent climate change?
Here are everyday tips for saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.
Plus, check out LG’s helpful energy saving technology.

What is the

The path to reducing carbon emissions, the crux of global warming,
is closer than you think.
You might already be doing things that reduce carbon emissions,
like raising the AC by 1° to lower energy use.

The LG ‘Care for where you live’ campaign shares simple ways
to reduce carbon emissions, doable in your daily life.
Let’s start with ways to save energy with your air conditioner.

Share your tips for reducing carbon emissions.
Our small actions make a big difference.

Raise AC 1° / Turn off appliances
Use public transport / Use local ingredients
Trade/reuse second-hand items /  Recycle

Everyday tips to reduce carbon emissions

Your actions may already be helping prevent climate change.
  • 7:00 am
    At home
    Adjust AC 1°
    Adjust AC 1°

    Raise AC 1° in summer
    Down AC 1° in winter

    electricity use

    Annual carbon
    offset equal to
    13 trees planted 2)

    8kg of CO2 absorbed per tree yearly 1)

  • 8:00 am
    Going to work
    Public transport
    Public transport

    Use public

    Reduces car
    exhaust emission

    Annual carbon offset
    equal to 58 trees planted
    (if public transport
    is used once a week) 3)

    8kg of CO2 absorbed per tree yearly

  • 9:00 am
    At the office
    Organize email
    Organize email

    Immediately delete
    unnecessary emails

    Reduces electricity
    for email storage

    Annual carbon offset
    equal to 0.1 trees planted
    (based on 10 deleted
    emails per day) 4)

    8kg of CO2 absorbed per tree yearly

    Turn off online meeting camera
    Turn off online meeting camera

    Turn off camera
    during video-call

    Reduces electricity
    for real-time streaming

    Annual carbon offset
    equal to 1.1 trees planted
    (based on 5 meetings) 5)

    8kg of CO2 absorbed per tree yearly

  • 12:00 pm
    Eat locally-grown
    Eat local

    Use local

    Decreases distribution
    “food miles”

    Reduces carbon
    emissions released
    in distribution


  • 6:00 pm
    Shopping after work
    Buy eco-friendly packages
    Buy eco-friendly packages

    Buy eco-friendly

    Reduces single
    use plastic waste

    Decreases carbon
    emissions through
    faster decomposition


    Opt for paperless receipts
    Opt for paperless receipts

    Go paperless
    instead of using
    paper receipts

    Reduces energy needed to
    dispose of paper receipts

    Annual carbon
    offset equal to 0.05 trees
    planted(With all paperless
    receipts) 6)

    8kg of CO2 absorbed per tree yearly

  • 7:00 pm
    Coming home
    Reuse second-hand items
    Reuse second-hand items


    Decreases garbage
    disposal and production
    of new products

    Decreases carbon
    emissions from
    production and waste


  • 8:00 pm
    Arriving home from work


    Reduces landfills
    and incineration
    of garbage

    Reduces carbon
    emissions from
    and incineration


    Turn off appliances
    Turn off appliances

    Turn off lights
    for an hour a day

    electricity use

    Annual carbon
    offset equal to 0.7 trees
    planted 7)

    8kg of CO2 absorbed per tree yearly

* Figures are not absolute, and may vary based on environment and culture of each country.

AC Energy Saving Hints

Making a habit of conserving AC energy
is a good way to reduce carbon emissions.
Here are helpful tips to lower
AC energy use.
Check AC usage habits
Yes or No Quiz
Q1. When I turn on the AC,
it's set to the lowest temperature for fast cooling.
icon for explaining the quiz
You've mastered the tips to reduce AC energy use
Easily reduce carbon emissions every day,
with good energy saving habits

*The tips offered are intended as entertainment. The participant is solely responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of acting on the information given.

Explore LG Air Conditioners

Functions that help energy saving
Additional information about our products?
Icon of Dual Inverter Compressor™

Dual Inverter Compressor™

The Dual Inverter Compressor™
saves 70% energy and gives you
30% faster cooling, compared to
LG non-inverter model

Icon of Easy-to-manage filter

Easy-to-manage filter

Save energy by periodically cleaning
the detachable filter. UV Nano
and Auto Cleaning keep the interior clean,
for greater freshness.

Icon of Energy saving mode

Energy saving mode

Active Energy Control adjusts energy usage
by four levels, according to the number
of people inside. Sleep mode reduces energy
use by matching your biorhythm as you sleep. 1)

Icon of LG ThinQ

LG ThinQ

Control the AC and manage energy usage
from anywhere, with the mobile app.


My tips for less carbon emission

Share new methods you want to
try starting tomorrow.
# Less carbon everyday challenge
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#Care For Where You Live
#Don't waste any food / #Turn off appliances / #Raise the air conditioner by 1 degree / #Care For Where You Live / #Recycle
1) Standard carbon absorption of major forest species, National Institute of Forest Science survey data (2019) Figures may vary according to tree species and age
2) Korea carbon point system data
3) Korea Climate & Environment Network data (2018)
4) Ministry of Environment Korea data (2020)
5) ‘Resources, Conservation & Recycling’ journal data
6) Commercialization of E-receipt Services report, National IT Industry Promotion Agency data, (2014) and Financial Supervisory Service data (2018)
7) Korea Electric Power Corporation data

Active Energy Control / Sleep Mode
1) Features vary by model. Check the product page at for more details.