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Things to check when Audio is too low

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  • Last Updated 09/23/2016

Subject : Things to check when Audio is to low/weak



symptom Symptom



 When there is difference in volume among channels though you didn’t turn volume up/down.

Check if “ auto volume” is On.


-          If you are using set-top-box. Auto volume and Smart Sound Mode are not provided.




how to fixHow to fix


Non-Smart Product

Set the Auto Volume’On’.

Set the Clear Voice and Smart Sound Mode’Off.


-         Auto Volume feature adjusts the volume appropriate for each channel automatically so that the volume is consistently set.

-         Clear Voice feature is one that makes the voice of characters clear.

-         If the sounds other than the voice, such as background music, is no clea, set the clear voide "off"



- If you are  using Smart Sound Mode, the sounds optimized for each content is automatically set and the sound quality may change , which will lead to difference in volume among channels.


      *         This feature is provided for some models





      1. [Home or Smart] ▶ Setting ▶Sound ▶ Volume Mode ▶ Auto Volume : on


      2. [Home or Smart] ▶ Setting ▶ Sound ▶ Clear Voice : off


      3. [Home or Smart] ▶ Setting ▶ Sound ▶ Smart Sound Mode : off 








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