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Internet Issues/Not connecting or disconnecting to WiFi - Netcast

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  • Last Updated 10/31/2018

Internet Issues/Not connecting or disconnecting to WiFi

NetCast  (LW, LV, LK, LM, LS, LA, LN, LH, UH, TK TV models)


Troubleshooting Steps:


1.  Check the router if it is turn on

2.  Check the distance of the router (advisable distance of the unit to router is 3-5 meters)

3.  A wireless network can experience interference from other devices that use the 2.4 GHz frequency (wireless phone, Bluetooth device, or microwave oven). Make sure these devices are not around.

4.  Reset the modem, once you got a strong network signal, connect to WiFi

Ø Go to Settings

Ø Go to Network

Ø Connect to Network

Ø Make sure you're putting the right password.

5.  Try to connect your TV to a WiFi Hotspot through your mobile phone, check if it will work. If it works, the issue could be with the WiFi Connection and not to the TV. If it did not work as well, then the issue can be with the TV itself.


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