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  • Last Updated 03/19/2016

Refrigerator Maintenance: Keep your unit running line new by following below steps:



1.Use sponge and Scented liquid detergent to clean and use damp cloth for rinsing.

(Note: never use pointed and sharp object upon cleaning it may damage your unit)



1. Make sure the rubber gaskets are free from any food residue or dirt. Kindly clean them once unit is not properly closing.


1.Clean the drain hole and drip pan that remove condensation: Clear away food and mineral deposits, then scrub drain pan.

(Note:Check your owner’s manual for instructions.)



1. Store your food with cover to Prevent Odor  and Blood Spill.

2. Make sure to have a Clearance from Air Ventilations to prevent low cooling.

3. Always adjust the temperature depending on the load you store

4. Never use pointed object to remove the ice or the food you stored on freezer section




1.Never use extension

2.Please unplug your unit if you are going on a vacation.

(Note:  Safety is must)



 For other inquiries you can Call our CIC Hotline at (02) 902-55-44 or Schedule a Repair online to this site >



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