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How to remove shelf or vegetable drawer?

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  • Last Updated 05/31/2016

SUBJECT : How to remove shelf or vegetable drawer?

function Function



Clean your shelf /drawer


check point Check point



  Do not try to remove shelf with items placed on it, this can lead to spillage.

  It is important that the shelf must be placed on the side guides at the same height. Do not force shelf as it may damage the body.



how to setup How to Setup


Open the refrigerator compartment door fully.

■  Remove any utensils or food items kept on it.



To Remove:


■  Insert your hand under the shelf along the center of the shelf. Place your fingers pushing upwards against the shelf exactly on the middle rear end of the shelf.


■  Push upwards and so to remove from the groove in the body and pull it out.



To Refit:


■  Insert the shelf on the side guide at slight upward tilt and then push it until the slot fits into the groove. 



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