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[ Refrigerator] Moisture or Condensation on Outside

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  • Last Updated 08/31/2016

Subject : Moisture or Condensation on Outside 

symptom Symptom


There are a few different factors that may cause moisture on the outside cabinet:


Door Shutting


Environmental Factors

cause Cause

Door Shutting


    - if the door do not shut completely, cool air escape and cool cabinet area around the gap .

The coolness of the cabinet will cause the humidity in the air to condense on the the unit.

Visually inspect the door gaskets for any gaps in the gasket. Check for dirty or damaged seals

that the doors are aligned properly.


 Environmental Factors 


    - In humid environments such as coastal areas or during the summer months, moisture in the air

may condense on the cabinet which is usually coolet than the environment. If this is the case,

condensation should be minimal and dried off with a soft cloth. There could also be excess moisture

on the refrigerator from cooking as well. If you have been cooking most of the day or for a few hours,

wipe the excess moisture away

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