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LG Aircon Window Type - Proper Installation

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  • Last Updated 05/25/2016

Installation Tips for Room Air Conditioner


Note: Consult the owner's manual included with your product for important safety information before attempting to install your airconditioning unit.

Window type AC units are specifically designed to be installed in a window, The Operations manual included with your model will provide you with the specific requirements the window should be , such as the size and type of construction.

  • There should be at least 20 inches of open space behind the unit, so that the heat may discharge properly. Restriction of outside air flow will greatly reduce the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • Consider the location of the window you'll use. A window unit installed near a corner of the room may seem to run louder than in another location, because of the sound reflected by the nearby wall.
  • Be sure to install the security bracket(also called the window locking bracket). The security bracket keeps the window securely closed against the AC's cabinet and won't allow someone from the outside to raise the window.



  • Avoid Having curtains that will be pulled into the air conditioner's front grille. The blockage in airflow will reduce the cooling efficiency of the unit and can lead to frost accumulating on the coils.
  • When the AC is installed , keep in mind that the unit should have a tilt toward the back (1/4 - 1/2). If the back of the unit isn't installed slightly lower than the front the unit can leak condensed water from the front grille.


  •  The drain plug does not have to be installed in all cases.  The airconditioner is designed to operate with about 1/2 " fof water in the base pan . This water is picked up and slung onto the condenser to help discharge heat . This helps to improve cooling efficiency. in humid conditions it may be neccessary, or preferred to remove the plug to allow excess water to drain out.


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