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PC Unable to Read Mobile Phones Connection.

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  • Last Updated 09/09/2016

PC was unable to read Mobile phones connection.


Problem: "Drivers unsuccessfully installed" error appears when trying to connect mobile phone to PC.


Cause: This error is possible caused by an anti virus restriction or Defective or low qulity USB cable etc.


Trouble shooting # 1 :


You may download the USB drivers from LG PH site and install it manually to your PC.


Step 1: Visit LG PH site and search the model no. of your mobile phone.


Step 2:  click product support.


Step 3: Click Software update and install USB driver.


Trouble shooting # 2 :


You may also activate USB Debugging at developer option.


Go to Setting ▶  General ▶ Developer option ▶ USB Debugging


Note: Make sure that the mobile phone is connected to PC before activating USB Debugging. 

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