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Cannot Connect to Mobile Network

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  • Last Updated 09/23/2016

Subject : Cannot connect to Mobile Network  





symptom Symptom



  Having trouble connecting to the mobile network.



cause Cause



  This error is possible caused by an anti virus restriction or Defective or low qulity USB cable etc.




how to fix How to fix




  Try to use other simcard


  Go to Settings ▶ Networks ▶ Mobile networks ▶ check if the network mode was set to GSM/WCDMA


There might be a problem with your APN (Access Point Name) settings.


  Start by finding the APN page on your carrier’s website, so you have the right settings.


  Now, Go to Settings  ▶ Networks ▶ Mobile Networks


■  Find, the Access Point Names Compare and make sure they’re correct.


If problem still persists we recommend to bring the unit to our Authorized Service Center.


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