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[Washing Machine]Water leaks from the bottom of the door. (Front Loading Washer)

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  • Last Updated 03/02/2015
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1. Is water leaking from the bottom of the door? During the washing process, foreign objects such as hair or lint may remain around the door and the gasket. These may cause subtle water leaks during the wash cycle. 2. How did you load your larger clothing items? When you load larger items, push the load all the way inside the washer drum. Closing the door without placing the load completely inside the washer drum may damage the gasket as your washer spins. 3. Are there water drops on the door? It is normal for moisture to remain on the door after the spin cycle. Wipe water drops off the door. 4. Is the rubber seal damaged? Rubber seal damage is caused by the incomplete loading of laundry before closing the door. The laundry can damage the rubber door seal as the drum spins.

Water leaks from the bottom of the door. (Front Loading Washer)

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