A uniformly heated steaming milk glass.

Even Heating & Defrosting

Add Consistency to Your Life

Distribute heat uniformly with precise temperature controls.(Temperature deviation 23℃ → 3℃).

*Tested Sample: LG middle size solo (NeoChef™: MS32XX Conventional: MS4042).
**Tested by intertek.

Pizza being heated quickly in the microwave.

Fast Cooking

Pressed for Time?

The NeoChef™ comes with 1200W* of power for reduced cooking time. (1.6Times).

*Middle size only.
**Popcorn-Tested Sample: LG small size solo (NeoChef™: MS25XX vs Conventional: MS235).
***Chicken-Tested Sample: LG middle size convection (NeoChef™: MJ39XX vs Conventional: LRE3085ST).

Various Cooking

Add Some Variety and Spice

Want to fry, grill, or even make fresh yogurt? The NeoChef™ has a function for every need.

*Tested Sample: LG small/middle size solo (MS25XX / MS32XX). Test Method: LG Internal Test.

Healthy Cooking

Cut Calories. Add Taste.

A heat absorption function is applied to provide healthier dishes. (72% Less Oil, Less Fat).

*Healthy fry function is applied to models with crispy tray. Tested Sample: LG middle size convection (MJ39XX). Test Method: LG Internal Test.

Tasty Grilling

Get the Perfect Sear at Home

Grilling function will have your friends wondering where you hid the grill. (Evenness Rate 93.2%).

*Tested Sample: LG middle size grill (MH72XX) vs conventional (MH7949). Test Method: LG Internal Test.

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    Kitchen image with NeoChef™

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