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Here's a collaboration recipe!

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Fast, simple and delicious recipes

Brekkie shakshuka bowls

On a winter morning, warming shakshuka is always the answer!

Italian lemon ricotta mug cakes

A 15-minute lemon mug cake, made entirely in your microwave!

Cheat's Italian pasta bake

A super-easy pasta bake made in the microwave!

Vegetable Cooking Contest Winner

Winners of the Vegetable Cooking Contest




Here are some tips on how to cook vegetables that kids can eat comfortably.

Veggie Quiche

Veggie Quiche

Sweet Pumpkin Eggslut

Sweet Pumpkin Eggslut

Eggplant Pizza

Eggplant Pizza

Carrot Chip

Carrot Chip

Vegetable Cooking Contest Winner

Recipes for movie lovers

It's recipes from famous movies that you can easily make. Start cooking with LG Oven.

- Ratatouille, 2007 -


- Toast, 2010 -

Lemon Meringue Pie.

- Chef, 2014 -

Chocolate Lava Cakes.

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