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LG OLED TVs for cinema, gaming and sport

LG OLED TV designers and engineers focus on how you use your TV, to develop technology that gives you the best possible experience. 

Whether you’re a gamer, a movie buff or a sports fan, read on to find out more and watch videos on why the LG OLED 2020 range is right for you. 

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OLED for cinema

Hollywood filmmakers love OLED for its ability to accurately recreate their vision at home. Deadpool director Tim Miller says LG OLED is “like a window into a new reality, almost like you’re not watching a TV at all.”

What makes OLED technology so special for cinema is its ability to create rich, deep blacks that retain plenty of detail.

Consider a night battle scene. Although there’s lots of action going on, it can be difficult to discern the real detail. OLED self-lit pixels capture the darkness of the night skies and forests, but retain plenty of detail – the soldiers’ faces, the types of trees, the texture of the mud on which they do battle. 

OLED for sport

At LG, we know sport is serious. So, we’ve engineered our OLED TVs to ensure you enjoy everything from football and rugby to ice hockey and motor racing in superb quality.

Pucks whizz across the ice and cars speed around the track, staying in focus and blur-free. And you can enjoy excellent picture quality from any seat too, thanks to the wide viewing angle of self-lit pixels.

Big screen action with Ultra Large OLED

Sometimes, only the biggest screen will do. If you have a large enough room and the wall space, then you can enjoy an unrivalled cinema, sport or gaming experience with our biggest screen LG OLED TVs. 

Ultra Large 77-inch LG OLED TVs are available in two options – the award-winning GX Gallery Design and the CX range

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