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No audio

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  • Last Updated 20/06/2016

No audio


When there is no sound, please check if :

1. the sound volume is “0”;

2. it is “Mute” mode;

3. the speaker is “off”.

 ※ Having the sound setting normal, if you still don’t hear any sound, check the volume of set-top box

whether it is set “0” or “Mute”.

TV mute and volume

(displayed at the bottom-center or bottom-right corner of the screen)

Set-top box mute and volume

(displayed in the middle or upper part of the screen

How to fix


To check the TV speaker setting

[Setting Menu] [Setting] [Audio] [Select speaker] [TV Speaker]

Smart TV ‘12~’13

[Smart] or [Setting Menu] [Setting] [Sound] [Select Sound Out Speaker] [TV Speaker]

-Sound Test

Smart TV ‘12~’13

[Smart] or [Setting Menu] [Support] [Sound Test]  

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