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Have you cleaned gasket and inside the door?

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  • Last Updated 17/04/2015

Have you cleaned gasket and inside the door?



cause Cause


        ■ Inside the tub is always very humid unless dried. If water remains, mold may form on the rubber gasket.



how to fix How to fix


        ■ If moisture in the tub is not removed, it may cause odor or stain.

           Therefore, leave the door open after use.


       ※ Take extra caution for children when the door is open.

            Do not let them go inside tub.


       How to clean the rubber gasket


            1) Clean inner side of the door and rubber gasket with a soft towel.


            2) To eliminate any stain or foreign substance on rubber gasket,
                 dilute 100ml of chloride bleach in warm water at 30 degrees for 1000 times less concentration.



                      cleaning gasket

                                        <Cleaning inside>


                        extra care for baby

                                        <Extra care for baby>

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