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LG Washer Front Loader - My washing machine is making noise during spin cycle.


Do you hear vibrating, thumping, clicking or whirring sound during spin cycle?

   This can be the reason  

     ● Unbalanced laundry load
     ● Clogged / blocked drain filter or buildups inside the tub
     ● Drain / Supply hose is too long.
     ● Shelves or cabinets placed too close to the washing machine.
     ● Washing machine not leveled.


     Shall we take a closer look ?   

      Washing machine cleans and removes water from the laundry by spinning the tub.
    And front load washing machines drop laundry from the top of the tub to remove stains and dirt more effectively.
    The unit vibrates during these wash and spin cycles but are not so severe to be considered as a noise.


   Try this   


      Washer may make thumping sound if the load is unevenly distributed.
     → Stop the washing machine and arrange the laundry.   

    The washing machine may make a thumping noise if the laundry is not evenly distributed.

    When this happens, stop the washing machine by pressing [Start / Pause] button, rearrange the laundry load and restart the unit.


    It is recommended to use [Bedding] cycle for bulky items such as blankets to minimize the vibration.




 Washer makes banging noise or the door shakes?

    → Washing machine spins and stops several times to balance the load and speeds up once the load is balanced.
    You may hear vibration and banging noise during this process.
    The noise will get reduced once it starts spinning after balancing the load.
    The door is designed not to open during operation so you can rest assured.
    Did you put items that are not for washing machine?

     → Take out items that cause uneven distribution.

    Do not put door mat, rug, carpet, rubber mat, heated blanket etc. for washing.
    These items can cause unbalanced load and can extend the spinning cycle as it takes more time to balance the laundry load.

      Press [Pause] button and take out the items



 Washer makes rattling sound during spin cycle?

    → Remove foreign objects from the tub/drum.

   Check and take out foreign objects inside the tub/drum such as hair pin, coin and other accessories.


   Washer makes whirring sound before the spin cycle when water gets drained?

   → Remove foreign objects from the drain filter

   The whirring sound heard before spin cycle is the sound of the drain pump.
   Therefore whirring sound you hear is normal but if the sound gets too loud, you should check the Drain Pump Filter.    

  Take out the drain pump filter and clean it if it’s clogged or covered with dirt.



  Is the drain hose or supply hose knocking against the rear of the washing machine?

   → Pull out the washing machine to give enough clearance.

   Supply and drain hose may knock against the unit due to the vibration.
   If this is causes the noise, pull out the washing machine to give enough space between the unit and the wall.

   Washer hits against shelves or cabinets around it?

    → Give enough space between the washing machine and objects around it.

   If the washing machine is properly installed and leveled, such problem and noise won’t occur.
   However, if you hear a loud noise, check if the washing machine is moving and hitting against objects around it.
   It is recommended to give enough clearance around the washing machine.

   Washer may make banging or rattling sound if it’s not leveled.

   → If the washing machine shakes during spin cycle, level the washing machine.

  The tub spins at a very high speed during the spin cycle.
  Therefore it is important that the washing machine is leveled to help reduce noise and vibrations.
  Rock the washer gently from corner to corner to see if it’s leveled.
  If the unit shakes, use a wrench (spanner) to adjust the leveling feet upward or downward to level the washing machine and make sure the legs are in firm contact with the floor.

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