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How can I dispense ice from an ice maker?

  • Dispenser Issues
  • Ice Doesn't Dispense
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fridge Freezers, Residential Air Conditioners
  • Last Updated 08/04/2015

How can I dispense ice from an ice maker?


Symptom Symptom

         1. Ice is not dispensed from an ice maker.


Reason Reason


         1. When a refreshment center or an ice tray is used, or too much water is used, ice may not be dispensed easily.


How to fix How to fix


         1. Supply clean water up to an indicated line (2/3 of the tray), and pull a lever until it reaches to the indicated line.



1. Separate door basket                 2. Remove cover.                       3. Disassembled (Tray cannot be removed)


Separate door basket Remove cover. Disassembled

 Structure may differ by model.

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