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Essence of Taste


Advanced cooling technology keeps
food at the peak of freshness

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Front side view of LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer.


InstaView Door-in-Door has a sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, allowing you to see inside without opening the door to keep your food fresh for longer.

Graph which is showing how precisely the temperature is managed by linear cooling system.

LINEAR Cooling™

By reducing temperature fluctuations through an advanced inverter linear compressor, LINEAR Cooling™ keeps food at the peak of freshness for longer.

Various finger foods are being preserved at custom chill pantry inside of LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer.

Custom Chill Pantry

The deeply versatile pantry is available with different temperature settings for storing a wide range of foods from meat to dairy.

LG SIGNATURE Bottom-Freezer's 3 layered black mirroed glass blocks UV light.


The three-layered, black mirror-coated glass door blocks outside heat and ultraviolet radiation, locking in your food's quality and taste.
Close shot of Bottom-Freezer's textured steel finish material.

Textured Steel™ Finish

A full stainless steel body with a scratch-resistant textured finish makes for an upscale, timeless design.

Eclipse LED display of LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer shows diverse information about storage conditions.

Eclipse Display

The eclipse display stays hidden when dormant, illuminating only when it is in use-upholding its convenience and minimalist design.

Close shot of LG SIGNATURE Bottom-Freezer's shelf lighting.


Premium under shelf LED lighting offers a brilliant interior view of every level, so you can find the ingredients for your meal in an instant.
Vegetables and fruits are stored in the drawer of LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer.
  • Inforgraphic image of optimal fridge temperature. Fridge
    1 ~ 7℃
  • Inforgraphic image of optimal freezer temperature. Freezer
    -23 ~ -15℃


Convertible drawers can switch from to freezer mode to store different types of food you have.

Auto Lift

The Auto Lift Drawer™ lifts up
automatically with a push of a button so
you can easily access your food and

Auto Open

Auto Open Door™ feature is a smart
sensor that opens the door
automatically with a wave of a foot.

LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer is being contolled by LG ThinQ's voice control system.


ThinQ allows remote management of key refrigerator features and also voice control.
LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer is being contolled by LG ThinQ mobile application.


ThinQ allows remote management of key refrigerator features.

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