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Air Purifier Quality you can feel
with every breath

  • iF Design Award 2016
  • Red Dot Design Award 2016
  • Editor’s Choice
  • Techradar Editor’s Choice

Treat yourself to
what you deserve

At LG SIGNATURE, we believe that you deserve the best.
That's why our Air Purifiers are made from premium materials
with cutting-edge technological innovations to deliver fresh,
pure air that makes everyday living a more pleasant experience.
So, give your body the quality it deserves and feel the difference
with every breath.

A montage of close-up shots of the LG Air Purifier showing various features.
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What makes for
luxuriously fresh air?

  • Rain View Window icon

    Rain View

  • Black Filter System icon

    Black Filter

  • Smart Indicator & Smart Lighting icon

    Smart Indicator &
    Smart Lighting

  • Auto Open Door icon

    10-Year Warranty

Rain View Window

A unique, clear design allows
you to see your LG SIGNATURE

A unique clear design allows you to see your LG SIGNATURE
Air Purifier in operation while providing a calming experience
reminiscent of raindrops falling against a window. It's an
elegant touch that adds to a tranquil home aesthetic.

A close-up of water droplets in the RAIN VIEW WINDOW against a dark rainy backdrop.
A view from above the Air Purififer with puffs of water vapor surrounding the machine.
Watering System


LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier's unique double
purification system thoroughly cleans the
air firstly through a filter and secondly
through water, ensuring fresh, pure air with
a comfortable moisture level.

Black Filter System

Filtration System

Our comprehensive filtration system uses several
individual filtration layers to catch a wide spectrum
of differently-sized particles. This helps to ensure
thorough filtration and deodorization for a pleasant
home environment.

PM 1.0 Black Filter

Ultimate filtration for
ultra-fine particles

The fine PM 1.0 filter catches micro-dust and other
ultra-fine particle matter, filtering them from the air
you breathe. The filter is easily washable and can be
used for up to 10 years.

Deodorizing Black Filter

Keep your air fresh

The specialized deodorizing filter removes
unpleasant odors and potentially hazardous
particles such as smog and chemicals from
the air. It activates automatically when it senses
light and can be used for up to 10 years.

Animation showing three different filters and how they fit together and slot into the Air Purifier.
A close-up of the Air Purifier's control panel showing changing air qulaity data and corresponding color changes.
Smart Indicator & Smart Lighting

Your day's air at
a glance

Easily check on various air quality indicators
with accessible and accurate readings.
The device detects the amount of particle
matter in the air and displays the air quality,
dust density, and humidity levels in a simple
and intuitive display.

An Instant Air Quality Update

An instant quality

A four-color light indication system lets you
check on the overall air quality at a glance
while contributing to a stylish aesthetic.

UV LED & Smart Drying

Clean, dry, and

The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier not only purifies but
also adds moisture to the air. Before humidification,
the UV LED light sterilizes the water, ensuring it's
clean and safe. Then, once humidification is complete,
the filters are automatically dried to prevent the
build-up of mold or bacteria.

Rendering of the Air Purification water bucket lifting out of the machine with flowing air to demonstrate the drying process.

Refill with ease

Just pour water through the opening in the top of the Air Purifier to
refill the device without the hassle of carrying heavy water containers
back and forth.

Water being poured into the opening on the top of the Air Purifier.

Take the hassle out of cleaning

The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier has a detachable water bucket,
making it easier to dissemble and remove for thorough cleaning.

A hand grasping and pulling out the detachable water bucket from the Air Purifier.

Quality you can trust

The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier's Inverter Motor comes with a
standard 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind for
years to come.

A 10-year warranty label imposed over a close-up picture of the side of the Air Purifier showing the LG SIGNATURE logo.
The Air Purifier on a black background with a drop down list of product specifications below it.



  • Product (WxHxD)16.06" x 28.54" x 16.06“
  • Bucket Size483 lbs
  • Net Weight36.38 lbs
    17 kg
  • Recommended room area12.00 cu. Ft.
    46 m²

  • Power consumption (W)85 (Turbo) / 15 (L) / 23 (M) / 55 (H)
  • Pre Filter / Black 1.0 PM FilterYes (Permanent)
  • Air Flow (m3/h)443.4(Turbo) / 374.4(High)
  • Black Deodorizing FilterYes (Replaceable)
  • Humidifying Filter2
  • Filter Cleaning Reminder2 Step (Order/Replace)

  • Fan ModesLow / Mid / High / Auto
  • ControlAir Purifying / Humidifying / Quiet Mode
  • Noise (dB)23/53
  • Smart Indicator (Air Quality Indicator)Yes
  • Dust SensorPM 1.0 Sensor
  • Child LockYes
  • Sleep ModeYes (2/4/8/12hrs)
  • wi-fi EnabledYes
  • UV LEDYes
  • SmartThinQ®Yes
  • Filter Check LightYes
  • Max. Water Level IndicatorYes
  • RemoteYes
  • Smart DryingYes
  • Humidifying Capacity (cc/h)700
  • AAFA CertifiedYes

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