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Breathing is Believing

Air Purifier

Pure air revitalization
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front view of lg signature air purifier
LG SIGNATURE's Air Purifier honored with major design awards
LG SIGNATURE's Air Purifier received prestigious awards from various international design competitions, recognized for its excellence in design.
honor badges from major design awards of lg signature air purifier honor badges from major design awards of lg signature air purifier honor badges from major design awards of lg signature air purifier
honor badge of lg signature air purifier winning good design award 2016 in japan
Close shot of transparent rain view window in which water droplets formed inside of LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier.
Inspired by the Purity of Rain
Experience the ambiance of watching a rain shower. Look through the Rain View Window to see the Air Purifier at work, creating a fresh new atmosphere for your home.
Image explaining air that is once washed through a filter to be washed once again through water with the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier.
Two Steps to True Purity
Inspired by the fresh tranquility you experience after the rain, the Air Purifier washes the air once through a filter and a second time with water. The result if a comfortable humidity with fine moisture in the air.
Bottom body of LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier with the black filter attached for the unique filtration system.
SIGNATURE Black Filter System
Eliminates every impurity. The unique filtration system is made up of individual layers that catch a spectrum of large and small particles. Live in true tranquility with sure protection from odors and pollution.
Specific image of LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier black filter and some icons for explaining its dust filtering function.
PM 1.0 Black Filter
Remove particulate matter pollution from your home. Fine enough to catch tiny particles, such as micro dust and yellow dust, this layer is easily washable with just water and can be used for up to 10 years.
Image of LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier black filter structure for the perfect deodorization.
Deodorizing Black Filter
The filter works to eliminate odors and dangerous substances known to cause smog and sick house syndrome. It gets to work automatically when it senses either artificial or natural light, and lasts for up to 10 years.
Close shot of smart indicator and smart lighting of LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier.
Smart Indicator & Smart Lighting
Meticulous air quality figures. See the air quality, dust density, and humidity levels in a glance. The accurate and easily-accessible readings show the day's overall air quality using a four-light evaluation.
An Instant Air Quality Update
See what the air quality is like in a glance. The Smart Lighting panel glows one of four stylish colors to reflect the air quality that day.
Upper water bucket is detached above the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier body for explaining the uv led and smart drying.

UV LED & Smart Drying

The UV LED sterilizes the water in the bucket before it's projected, so it's clean to breathe. After humidifying your room, the filters are dried to prevent viruses and bacteria.

Water is being refilled into the stream of LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier water bucket.

Trickle Watering

Refill as naturally as a waterfall trickles into a stream. Just pour the water into the bucket to fill it up without the trouble of detaching it and carrying it away.

Easy Bucket
Make cleaning less of a hassle. The water bucket detaches from the Air Purifier easily, so all you need to do is pull it out and go.
Full body of LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier and ten year warranty sticker next to it.

10-Year Warranty

For your peace of mind. The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier comes with 10-year inverter motor warranty.