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LG SIGNATURE Washer and Air Purifier complement an elegant dressing room. LG SIGNATURE Washer and Air Purifier complement an elegant dressing room.

Simplify Your Space,
Free Your Mind

Can you guess what common habit Albert Einstein shared with the former U.S. President Barack Obama, Andre Young (better known as Dr. Dre), and Steve Jobs? These men not only achieved immense success in their lives; they were also mindful about constructing their daily routines. In order to carve out enough headspace for important tasks demanding their full attention, each of them opted for either similarly or identical-looking outfits every day.

The Science of Upkeeping

The case-in-point signals how simplifying our routines caters to both our productivity and mental well-being. Some of the most time-draining factors of our day-to-day are steeped in habitual activities, like searching for stuff around the house. Whether for the fridge, the wardrobe, or cabinet drawers, we can all fare better with a perfectly streamlined system in various (literal) corners of our lives. Tidying up is indeed, a key yet often overlooked activity that can do wonders for our metaphysical well-being.

A women in walking motion alongside a minimalistic island table and kitchen bar stools.

According to studies conducted by Princeton University and the University of California, clutter stimulates our brain in myriad negative ways. Even the mere sight of clutter can make us more irritable and lessen our focus, in addition to spiking stress hormones toward more fatigue and depression. Such moods, while seemingly transient, can amplify into graver consequences that offset our overall well-being, like dampened self-esteem.*

*McMains S, Kastner S. Interactions of top-down and bottom-up mechanisms in human visual cortex. J Neurosci. 2011

*Saxbe DE, Repetti R. No place like home: home tours correlate with daily patterns of mood and cortisol. Pers Soc Psychol Bull. 2010

Barometer: To Keep or Toss?

Time for a candid review of your most up-to-date dressing habits. When last did you wear clothes from less visible — or even worse, hardly accessible — corners of your dresser? Follow up with these additional self-examiners: Does the piece flatter you? Reasons that attracted you to it to add it to your wardrobe aside — do the color, the style, and the fit go with your present-day look? How do you feel in it today, right this moment? If you’re leaning towards keeping it, it should feel comfortable enough to wear for the rest of the day.

Perhaps to prevent repeat purchases, you may want to lay out in plain sight the clothes you have before heading out to feed your shopaholic desires. Or you could do so simply to get in touch with your own fashion tastes more intimately. Resorting to vague fashion tendencies every so often, versus owning your distinct set of tastes clear-headedly, can make a world of difference in how you pull off your own sense of style. Understanding when you look and feel your best is absolutely key to exuding confidence! We all know nothing is sexier than confidence. These are all good, valid reasons to clear out your closet — and there can be so many others we failed to mention.

Command, Control: Categorize

White dresses on hangers. Both style and color can work as intuitive classifiers of clothing.

Whether your wardrobe consists of a dreamy walk-in closet or a compact, no-fuss storage system, it is one of the most easily-disheveled corners of most homes. Whether or not you think your closet needs a makeover, your mind will thank you once you give it a cleanse. How you can begin paring back your wardrobe setup may vary with your purpose for organizing. You may seek composure for the mind, with related expectations around mindful living. Or you may be more focused on practical, even specific aims like lessening time getting ready to go out, or freeing up room for other stuff. (Having a simpler wardrobe setup will indeed, simplify your day-to-day chores by lessening decision fatigue that accrues from choosing each day’s outfit.)

First, determine what kind of closet will help optimize your day-to-day living. What setup best serves your needs? In other words, what intuitive way would you classify your clothes? Style or occasion can serve as benchmarks for categorizing your clothing; alternatively, colors are a visually straightforward classifier. Depending on the purpose of your wardrobe makeover, or even your organization tendencies, you can either distinguish sections by garment type (viable for those who apply differentiated garment care according to fabric, texture, or whatnot), functionality (headed for the gym or the office?), or… you name it! As long as it feels like a solid standard you can stick to without undue effort, feel free to be creative in devising your own system.

Iconic LG SIGNATURE appliances, the TWINWASH Washer and Air Purifier, complement an elegant dressing room.

For Optimal Peace of Mind

Another essential way to enliven your interior is to top it with reliable appliances to look after your belongings and environment. With LG SIGNATURE’s premium appliances that contribute towards a wholesome and aesthetic dressing room, you get to enjoy top-notch functionality and design for harmony on all fronts.

Introducing an effortless way to look after your clothing, the TWINWash™ Washer is LG SIGNATURE’s definitive solution to scrupulous garment care. Separate compartments for Main Wash and Mini Wash, with one meant for daily items and the other for more specialized washing, not only upgrade the treatment your clothes receive, but also boost housekeeping productivity. Its capacity to operate smoothly with minimal noise and tremor lets you retain the serenity of your luxurious dressing room. The durable, enamel surface of TWINWASH™ complemented by its sturdy glass door is a classy supplement to your fashion pieces. To spruce up your space further, turn to LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier for the final touch to bring the air quality on par with other elements in your wardrobe. These SIGNATURE items not only elevate the immediate atmosphere of your living spaces, but go as far as to reflect and enhance your state of mind.

As always, your day-to-day duties and woes will sidetrack you from setting aside time for organization. To counter that tendency to put this off, remember the benefits you’d reap from it. Some are felt immediately, like the improvement and stabilization of your mood. Consider the spirit of springtime your chance to perk up and revitalize. You’ll be sure to enjoy composure from both in and out the house.