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( Revised 2 ) Troubleshooting for Sound Problems on your LG Home Theater


How to test the speaker if having problem

How to Test the Speaker is having Problem


No Sound / Intermittent Sound/ Weak Sound.

  How to fix

1) Check the connection of the speaker wire if end pin is properly inserted on the Speaker Output connector

2) Check if the Speaker wire is having stranded wire that possible causing short on the other speaker terminal

3) Check the speaker wire if having cut or wounded insulator bitten by rat that may cause shorted speaker wire .

4) To check properly if the speaker is having sound please watch the video attached to test properly.

5) Check the RCA used if the connection is from TV with proper selection of function .

6) Check the RCA connector if proper inserted or might be open wire and try other RCA connector.

For other Detailed instruction Please click this :

Weak Sound Test :

          1)  Check the source of signal might have Volume sound control that need to adjust the sound level to have a loud sound output

          2)  Check the played sound might be weak sound during recording and the result is also weak when played.

          3) Try to test the TV channel or the FM radio station if the sound is OK then the problem is the source is input signal.

Note :  Adding Speaker is strickly prohibited that may cause breakdown of  components and seriously damage the

           Audio Amplifier due to Overloading


       If the procedure above has been done and all function ( USB, FM, CD, Aux ) but no audio and have same problem occur

Please call the CIC ( Customer Information Center )


LG Customer Information Center
Tel. no  Manila :  ( 02) 7902 - 5544
Domestic Toll Free :
                          1-800-3-902-5544 ( Digitel )
                          1-800-10-604-2525 ( PLDT )
                          1-800-8-902-5544 ( Globe )

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