IFA 2017: Knock Knock! Smarter Living Has Arrived | LG EXPERIENCE

When the future knocks, open the door!

Are you familiar with IoT? Does, the Internet of Things ring a bell? Well, it’s like living in the future except it’s right now. How is that even possible, you ask? Simple, LG home appliances feature advanced Wi-Fi connectivity. That means = smart and connected LG appliances. And when we say Wi-Fi connectivity, we don’t mean mere internet access. It also means advanced smart solutions that will improve your daily life. Wonderful.

We know this is hard to imagine, so at IFA 2017 we displayed an astonishing representation of these features. The Smart hub zone was a premium dining space with innovative kitchen appliances. We presented the use of voice activated services like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and robots, showing our innovation in the smart IoT appliances industry. All LG's smart appliances around the house, like the oven, robot vacuum cleaner and washing machines, all adapt to the users lifestyle, so the more time it spends with you, the more it learns about the users’ patterns and adjust. Welcome to the future? 

How about letting SmartThinQ™ be a member of the family?

SmartThinQ™ is the identity that represents Home IoT and it has been building the IoT ecosystem both inside and outside of home. But all this is only possible with LG DeepThinQ™ technology that was created through the analysis of big data based on cloud and the deep learning technologies. LG DeepThinQ™ uses real time sensors, picks up on lifestyle patterns, analyses data stored in the cloud and merges external data to constantly self-evolve and better understand its users to continuously improve their daily lives. It sounds a lot of work, right? But it’s not. It’s safe, easy and it’s ready to use.

Take the air conditioning: it can anticipate you and your every need! Our new LG smart air conditioner with LG DeepThinQ™ analyzes daily behaviour patterns, so it knows to cool the most important places in your house even before you come back home. This means perfect room temperature at all times.

How about having a friend who cleans every corner of the house? Well, look no further, that’s the LG robot cleaner! This robot cleaner learns the structure of the house and acts accordingly. If you want to clean specific rooms just set the mode for that area. Sounds amazing right?

A photo of a lg robot vacuum cleaner performing at lg iot zone at berlin ifa 2017.
A photo of a lg robot vacuum cleaner performing at lg iot zone at berlin ifa 2017.

Recently, we introduced a Smart InstaView Door-in-Door™ with Windows 10. In addition to Windows, these refrigerators run a new version of our webOS. Yes, that´s right, we took the power of our award-winning webOS platform from our TVs and added it to our refrigerators so consumers can stay connected in ways never before imaginable!

Do you find yourself opening the fridge door countless times? That’s over. If you knock the screen on the refrigerator door, it turns transparent and you can see all the food inside. Even better, the smart tag menu consists of four different functions, which are “Sticker,” which tells you what food is in the fridge, “Memo,” which changes the messy notes on refrigerator, “D-day,” which indicates the expiration date of the food and lastly “Timer,” which, well you can figure that one out…

But now listen to this: how about getting what you want just by literally saying the word? With the SmartThinQ™ hub you can check status or control smart appliances through voice commands. Sounds great!

Let’s talk about LG’s Hub Robots. The Hub Robot acts as a smart home gateway and an intelligent notification centre. And more – it will read your favourite book, clean your house, help you cook, and play your favourite songs!

But LG Home IoT's Smart world is not only for at home. Who likes mowing the lawn? Almost no one… except the LG Lawn Mower or as we call it, your own personal gardener! But not only does it mow the grass but it’s smart enough to also recognises the obstacles in front of it and thus steers clear of any danger.

Oh, and if you happen to go to Korea, you'll meet AirStar at Incheon International Airport. Every time you visit Korea, AirStar will tell you every piece of information you need: gates, schedules or weather information.

But we never stop! Starting this year, all LG home appliances will feature advanced Wi-Fi connectivity. That means we’ll produce tens of millions of smart, connected LG appliances. So be ready for much more, soon! Just wait for the next chapters on LG product development. You’ll love what the future holds!

A photo of lg smart hub robot "Air Star" from lg iot zone presentation at berlin ifa 2017.
A photo of lg smart hub robot "Air Star" from lg iot zone presentation at berlin ifa 2017.

Life's good!