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  • TV soundbars come with a wide range of channel configurations, connectivity options and sound-enhancing features.
  • Learn how to choose the best soundbar for LG TVs in small rooms, home cinemas and design-centric spaces.
  • Consider a TV soundbar with AI capabilities for personalised listening.

A great soundbar is more than an accessory. Crisp, all-encompassing audio can make a thrilling movie scene more dramatic, and every bit tenser. Hi-Fi engineering can make your favourite piece of music sound like the very first time you heard it.

To find the best option for your next audio upgrade, consider how you will be using it. Our guide hand-picks the best soundbars for LG TVs based on the ambiance, setup, all-around sound and budget you're looking for. Keep reading to find the perfect match for your space AND your LG TV.

Choosing the best soundbar for your LG TV

Before you start comparing the best soundbars for LG TVs, consider your priorities. Your aesthetic, lifestyle, favourite media and preferred price point can impact the features you look for.

A slim Bluetooth soundbar pairs perfectly with an LG TV showing an image of white horses
A slim Bluetooth soundbar pairs perfectly with an LG TV showing an image of white horses

The typical soundbar setup includes a long speaker that sits under the TV, and a subwoofer that sits on the floor. This combination allows you to fine tune your TV's bass and treble for enhanced, surround-sound audio quality. To go a step further, the best soundbars for LG TVs also include AI calibration to automatically adjust to every beat.1

In order to determine how much power and customisation you need, let's dive into the details.

What are soundbar channels?

The main component of the soundbar is filled with individual sound sources, or speakers. The amount of speakers the soundbar contains represents how many channels it has. Here are some of the most popular soundbar channels:


2-channel TV soundbar has one speaker on the left side, and one on the right side. This type of soundbar is ideal for compact, soft-walled rooms.


Soundbars with three channels have a sound source on either end, and one in the middle. One of the benefits of 3-channel soundbars is the even sound distribution.


5-channel soundbar has all of the speakers in the option above, as well as two backward-facing sound sources. These are the most common TV soundbars for home theatre systems.


A popular alternative to traditional surround-sound setups, these TV soundbars add another layer to 5-channel systems by including two additional rear sound sources.


If you want to feel like you’re swimming in powerful audio, 9-channel soundbars deliver 360-degree sound coverage.

Dolby Atmos

For the best sound quality for large, high-ceiling spaces, Dolby Atmos TV soundbars lead the market

What kind of connection do I need for my TV soundbar?

If you want to find the best TV soundbar for your current setup, you need the right connections.


For seamless connectivity that allows you to take your soundbar from room to room, check for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities. A wireless connection is also ideal for streaming from your phone or mobile device.


Most newer TVs feature an HDMI port, which is the easiest way to connect multi-channel soundbars. You simply connect this one cable from your soundbar to the audio return channel (ARC) input in your TV.

Optical port

If your soundbar has fewer than five channels, optical ports provide a stable, reliable connection.


Sometimes you might want to use your soundbar as a standalone speaker. In these cases, look for USB inputs to easily play music or podcasts from a removable thumb drive.

Once you understand the types of soundbars that are available, you can find the right choice for you. Check out our favourites to get started.

Best soundbar for OLED LG TVs: USC9S

If you are considering buying (or already have) an LG OLED TV, you need a sound that’s just as captivating as the image quality. This sleek, modern TV soundbar is the perfect match.

DSC9S best soundbar for LG OLED TVs
DSC9S best soundbar for LG OLED TVs

The DSC9S has an exclusive bracket for LG OLED C TVs for a seamless design. With an easy and convenient interface that aligns with LG TVs, this 3.1.3 channel soundbar with Dolby Atmos  creates a harmonious sound and style for current or prospective OLED C owners.

Features to love:

  • Triple up-firing channels: Listen to dialogue, sound effects and film scores more clearly.
  • WOW Orchestra: The synergy between this soundbar and your LG TV presents perfect harmonious sound. By utilising the sound from your LG OLED TV and LG soundbar at once, the DSC9S creates a uniquely powerful listening experience.
  • Seamless synergy: Wireless connectivity and an exclusive mounting bracket make this the perfect pair for LG OLED C TVs.

For those who want their OLED TV to stand front and centre, this stylish soundbar is the icing on the cake.

Best compact soundbar for LG TVs: Éclair

Come home to a warm, cosy welcome while enjoying premium sound during your after-work downtime. With a minimal aesthetic and a Dolby Atmos-equipped wireless subwoofer, this compact soundbar packs a ton of power into a small yet stylish package.

DSE6S compact soundbar for LG TVs
DSE6S compact soundbar for LG TVs

Impressive audio production and a unique design come together to make this one of the best TV soundbars for small spaces.

Features to love:

  • Low-vibration subwoofer: enjoy deep, clear bass and unhindered audio with minimised vibrations at any volume.
  • TV Sound Mode Share: seamless AI processing and compatibility create clearer, more consistent audio with your LG TV.3
  • MERIDIAN technology: get more from your TV with high-performance audio processing, courtesy of MERIDIAN’s groundbreaking innovation.

This compact soundbar is the perfect addition to your home’s high-traffic areas. Add it to any room to redefine your space, no matter how many square metres you’re working with.

Best smart soundbar for LG TVs: S80QY

Soundbars are often used to replace a TV’s built-in sound system, but the S80QY uses your LG TV’s AI sound processor to analyse content and deliver clearer, more immersive sound.4

DS80QY smart soundbar paired with an LG TV
DS80QY smart soundbar paired with an LG TV

The world’s first Dolby Atmos TV soundbar with triple up-firing channels features intelligent sound engineering and room calibration, making it versatile enough for large and small spaces.

Features to love:

  • AI connectivity: pair your TV soundbar with alexa, Google or the compatible platform of your choice.
  • World’s first triple up-firing channels: enjoy enhanced voice clarity with a wider soundstage.
  • IMAX ENHANCED cinema sound: clear, immersive audio creates an upgraded surround-sound environment.

 High-resolution output makes this an ideal soundbar for any LG TV, and it has everything you need to give your favourite movies, games and shows a boost. 

Best soundbar for TV and movies: S95QR

If you’re already enjoying your favourite films on a stunning OLED LG TV, then a complimentary soundbar will take your home cinema a step above. The S95QR is our best-match pick for standing and mounted LG TVs.

DS95QR soundbar for LG TVs with Dolby Atmos
DS95QR soundbar for LG TVs with Dolby Atmos

This 9.1.5 channel soundbar with Dolby Atmos makes cinematic scores resonate deeper and more lifelike than your TV’s speakers ever could with smart sound adjustment that automatically adapts to your surroundings. Designed with your LG TV in mind, the S95QR gives a modern and elegant touch to any space.

Features to love:

  • High-resolution audio: Take advantage of better-than-CD quality audio streaming when listening to Hi-Res audio files on Tidal or Qobuz.
  • Dolby Atmos® / DTS:X™: Enjoy 3D surround sound without separate speakers.
  • AI Sound Pro: Adaptive audio automatically identifies voices, effects and frequencies.3 Everything you hear is more clear and consistent—regardless of the genre.

The versatile design and smart connectivity will make you think twice about picking up your headset.

Best all-around TV soundbar for any room: SP7

Whether you have high ceilings or a compact, A-frame layout—you shouldn't have to compromise on sound. Get the most out of any type of entertainment setup with a versatile soundbar for LG TVs of all shapes and sizes. 

DS80QY smart soundbar for LG TVs
DS80QY smart soundbar for LG TVs

Share your videos, movies and programmes across devices or customise your soundbar's settings to mesh with your favourite media.

Features to love:

  • Dolby Atmos® / DTS:X™: 5.1-channel Audio fills the room with rich, lifelike sound.
  • MERIDIAN technology: soundbars with MERIDIAN produce optimal clarity and Hi-Res performance.
  • High-resolution audio: listen to every sound as it’s meant to be heard with 24-bit / 96-kHz audio.

AI connectivity and an affordable price point make this a great starter soundbar—or an ideal choice for your guest room, parlour or sitting area.

Best budget soundbar for LG TVs: S65Q

Immersing yourself in crisp, clear sound doesn’t have to break the bank. The S65Q is THE budget soundbar for anyone who wants exceptional sound quality at a comfortable price point.

DS60Q budget-friendly soundbar for LG TVs
DS60Q budget-friendly soundbar for LG TVs

This soundbar for TV also showcases convenient connectivity features—without compromising on design. Connect your mobile devices using Bluetooth streaming and AI Sound Pro to take your podcasts, news updates or ASMR videos up a notch.

Features to love:

  • High-resolution audio: 3.1-channel audio projection amplifies voices, game effects, sports commentary and more with 420 watts of output power.5
  • DTS Virtual:X surround sound: equipped with dual passive radiators, this soundbar enhances bass notes to produce rich, even sound.
  • Adaptive sound control: experience crystal-clear dialogues, impressive action effects and optimal audio settings automatically with an improved AI algorithm.

The integrated wireless subwoofer is versatile enough to accompany a wide variety of TV styles, making this 3.1-channel soundbar ideal for virtually any type of media. 

Turn your living space into an acoustic arena, revamp your home’s look and feel or simply give your next Netflix binge a boost with one of these soundbars for LG TVs. Take a look at our range of TV soundbars to find your perfect fit.

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1 Dolby, Dolby Atmos and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

2 The version of the AI processor varies depending on the TV model.

3 TV Sound Mode Share may vary by TV models. 

4 AI Room Calibration is an automatic sound tuning technology that compensates for the environment the Sound Bar is placed in, by using Algorithms that improve the Sound Bar’s sonic performance.

5 Wattage varies by model.


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