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Life’s Good



Life’s Good when we care for our well-being, our loved ones and our community.


At LG, we’re looking to the future. We’re working hard on developing innovative products aimed at improving daily life and helping you on your journey to better well-being and sustainability. We believe that the generations of today and tomorrow are capable of incredible things, and we want everyone to know that life’s good when you have compassion for yourself and the world around you.

Let’s champion the idea of making the world a better place. We want to recognise those who show us the importance of a positive attitude and strong drive, give others the opportunity to be aspirational and innovative, and remind us all that Life’s (still) Good.

#LifeisGoodFilm | LG x Amelia Conway

Bringing you the stories of our generation.

LG has worked closely with teen filmmaker Amelia Conway and other young influencers to create the Life’s Good movie. Our aspirational creatives share their diverse goals and unique personalities, as well as their passions, experiences, and choices in life.


Find out more on LG's Instagram and YouTube channel.

“Believe in yourself and put out a positive energy into the world. I think this is an important part of Life's Good.” - Amelia Conway



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Amelia Conway

#LifeisGoodMusic | LG x H.E.R.

Connecting people through music for a harmonised world.

Young, talented people from around the world come together for the Life’s Good Music project. We’ve teamed up with singer-songwriter H.E.R. and asked fans to complete a song from the 16 vocal bars written and composed by the Grammy-award winning artist.


Find out more on LG's Instagram and YouTube channel.

“Smiling’s free, and tomorrow may not be guaranteed, but I know we’ll make sunshine on rainy days.” - first verse of the song


Celebrating incredible talent from young creatives

Explore your creativity with our products

Sustainable Wash with LG


5.8 million tons of fabric waste is created in Europe every year. Each one of us can play a small part in changing this through sustainable choices, such as caring for our clothes to extend their lifespan. A less wasteful society creates a greener future for us and the generations that follow. Start making small changes with LG, for a big impact on our Earth.


* “Textiles and the environment in a circular economy”, European Environment Agency, 2019

LG x NET-A-PORTER Sustainable Collection

LG and NET-A-PORTER launch their entirely machine-washable collection, aimed at encouraging a conscious clothing lifestyle and to #CareForWhatYouWear. The NET SUSTAIN Collection, developed in collaboration with three sustainable fashion brands, uses 100 per cent natural and organic fabrics and was created with zero-waste.


Get to know our innovative clothing care technology, designed with the future in mind


Intelligent care with 18% more fabric protection, optimised wash to protect your laundry*


Less wash time, lighter bills, reducing water and energy usage by up to 17%**



New standard of energy saving, convenience and healthy drying


ess damaging of precious items, fabric protection from drying process

* Tested by Intertek on March 2019. Cotton cycle with 2kg of underwear compared to LG Conventional Cotton cycle(F4V9RWP2W vs. FC1450S2W). The results may be different depending on the clothes and environment.


** 2 Tested in LG Lab; Based on Cotton cycle/40 °C/1400rpm comparison between ‘with TurboWash™’ and ‘without TurboWash™ (Half Load)

Our well-being is influenced by how we feel physically and emotionally, and how we interact with the world around us. When we take care of our well-being, we improve our quality of life and allow ourselves to prioritise our health, happiness and success. The choices we make, no matter how insignificant they might seem, help us to put our well-being first.

Tips to Engage with your well-being

Make life good through compassion and self-care.


The Life's Good philosophy embraces self-improvement, care for others, and protecting the planet. When you look inwards and reflect on yourself, you can find the energy and empathy to look outwards too. We’ve gathered some of our best tips for well-being and living your best life to inspire you.

Hygiene tips for your home with LG


Making sure your home is hygienically cleaned is particularly important at the moment – discover how LG can help you make this happen.

Level up leisure with the latest in LG home entertainment


Be the envy of your friends and family by upgrading your home entertainment setup, whether you're a gamer, movie buff or music lover.

Life’s Good from home with ThinQ home appliances


Your home is your sanctuary. That’s why LG home appliances are getting smarter, thanks to ThinQ, to make your home life a little bit easier.

Spark creativity with LG


The next great idea might be waiting deep inside, you just need some help with getting the creative juices flowing.

Healthy cooking with LG


Simplifying cooking means eating healthier and being conscious of its impact on the planet. With LG, it’s like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen!


Article coming soon!

Everything you need to know about Disney+


Spending a little more time at home than usual? You’ll never be bored with the all-new Disney+ on your LG TV.


Article coming soon!

More tips for a better life

Life's Good when you Live Well


Create a healthier home through your lifestyle. Reassess your clothes, the way you dine, and even the air you breathe.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new frontier in technology and as leader in home appliances and consumer electronics, we want to utilise deep-learning technology to make your lives easier.

What is ThinQ?

"The purpose of the ThinQ brand is to highlight that LG intelligent products are always thinking of you in order to make your life better."

ThinQ in action

ThinQ in action



The LG Smart TV is the central hub for your ThinQ-enabled products, allowing you to command and control your Home IoT ecosystem. And thanks to natural voice recognition, you won’t need to find the remote. Just say, "Hi, LG".

LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator


From remotely adjusting the temperature to reminding you that you’ve left the door open, ThinQ allows you to control and diagnose your refrigerator settings anywhere via your smartphone.

LG AI DD Washer Dryer


Doing laundry is made easier with ThinQ. Start a wash cycle remotely simply by using Alexa, Google Assistant or via your smartphone. The ThinQ app even allows you to download additional cycles.

LG Styler


Looking after our clothing is key for a more clothing conscious lifestyle. Download cycles for special fabrics and also check the remaining cycle time via the ThinQ app.

LG PuriCare 360° Air Purifier


Come home to clean and fresh air. The ThinQ app allows you to remotely control functions and monitor air conditions in your home, while also checking the remaining life of your air filter.


*Air purifier models are currently not in stock.

Latest on ThinQ

CES 2020: Smart home systems go further with LG’s ThinQ


At CES 2020, ThinQ’s features were on show in a special experience room, displaying everyday products for attendants to try out for themselves.

Get Connected to ThinQ

Download the LG ThinQ app


Reap the full potential of AI and LG’s DeepThinQ technology via the LG ThinQ app, an integrated platform for all our products and services. Manage and monitor all your LG ThinQ products via a single app when you’re at home, at work or even on holiday.


*InstaView ThinQ is a registered trademark of LG Electronics, used under license. 


*Smart features and voice assistant product may vary by country and model. Check with your local retailer or LG for service availability.

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