• Fridges are one of the most important appliances in your home, so it’s worth doing a bit of research when buying a new one. Today, you’ll find lots of different types to choose from – and these come with an array of nifty features you should know about. We’ve put together a handy buying guide to help you pick a refrigerator that best suits your needs. Here’s the lowdown on fridges: a kitchen essential you simply can’t do without.

  • Types of Fridges

    At LG, we have a range of different refrigerators to choose from. Some types may be more suitable for you than others, depending on your needs, household size and the space that’s available.

  • French Door Fridges

French Door Fridges French Door Fridges
  • French Door refrigerators have the fridge compartment on top and the freezer compartment at the bottom. Our French Door refridgerators have 2 doors for both fridge and freezer which can give you a clear view of your whole fridge and the contents inside, making food management easier. These fridges are ideal for large households and spacious kitchens. And although these fridges are wider than single door styles, you’ll find slimline models available in our store, like this 508L slim French door fridge in matte black.

  • Side by Side Fridges

Side by Side Fridges Side by Side Fridges
  • Side by Side refrigerators feature separate compartments side by side, freezer on the left and fridge on the right. Like French Door fridges, Side by Side fridges also offer easy access and provide a clear view of their contents. These fridges tend to come with a generous amount of storage space, so they’re great for larger households

  • Top Mount Fridges

Top Mount Fridges Top Mount Fridges
  • Top mount fridges have a freezer compartment at the top and a larger fridge section at the bottom. If you don’t need a huge amount of freezer space and have a more compact kitchen, a top mount model may be ideal for you. They uses less energy too given their size compared to the larger double-door models.

  • Bottom Mount Fridges

Bottom Mount Fridges Bottom Mount Fridges
  • Bottom mount refrigerators also come with a separate freezer compartment, which is located at the bottom of the fridge. The freezer section can be larger than those found in top mount models, so they’re a better option if you need a little more space to freeze food. Like top mount fridges, they’re usually slimmer than double-door types, so they’re a sound option for small or average-sized households, or those with limited kitchen space. Bottom mount fridges make it easy to access fresh food and drink – which you’ll probably use more often – because the refrigerator section is at the top.

  • Door-In-Door® Fridges

Door-In-Door® Fridges Door-In-Door® Fridges
  • Our Our Door-In-Door® fridges have an easy-access compartment, so you can quickly reach everyday items such as milk, cheese or snacks without fully opening the fridge. This compartment is hidden behind an exterior panel – most often on a French door fridge or a side by side model – and it’s designed to reduce cold air from escaping when you’ve got the fridge door open. Door-In-Door® fridges are ideal for anyone who’s partial to snacking – especially if they do it with the fridge door open!

  • InstaView™ Fridges

InstaView™ Fridges InstaView™ Fridges
  • LG InstaView™ fridges use the Door-In-Door® configuration, with a windowed front panel that allows you to see what’s inside – all you have to do is knock twice! Innovative and stylish, the front panel on these fridges illuminates when you knock on it, so you can see the contents of your fridge.

    Selected InstaView™ fridges are part of the LG Objet© Collection, too. These fridges come with interchangeable front panels, allowing you to customise the colour and finish of your refrigerator to suit your kitchen and personal taste*.

  • Fridge Sizes

Fridge Sizes Fridge Sizes
  • You’ll need to think about two things when considering the size of your fridge: the external measurements and the internal capacity.

    The external dimensions – that is, the width, height and depth – of a fridge will be outlined in the product specifications. You’ll need to check these against the space that’s available, to ensure that it’ll fit in your home. You should factor in at least half an inch (or just under 13mm) on all sides for ventilation.

    The capacity of a refrigerator indicates how much it can store at any one time, and it’s shown in litres. The larger the capacity, the more it can hold.

  • Features to Look Out For on LG Refrigerators

    Our fridges come with a range of useful features that are designed to help you make the most out of food storage. Keep your fresh foods fresher for longer with SurroundCooling™ – and get a lot more on top – and range of other handy features.

  • ThinQ®

    With the LG ThinQ® app, you can remotely adjust your refrigerator settings, so that you can store your groceries at an optimum temperature. You’ll also be notified if the fridge door has been left open too long, or if you want to activate the Hygiene Fresh+. LG ThinQ® uses AI to recommend settings based on your usage; it also offers maintenance tips.

    *LG ThinQ® app available on Android or iOS smartphones. Compatible smartphone with Android 4.1.2 (Jellybean) or later or iOS 9 or later required for LG ThinQ® app. Phone and Home Wi-Fi Data connection and product registration on the ThinQ® app required. Smart features and voice assistant product may vary by country and model. Check with your local retailer or LG for service availability. Features and services may be changed by LG without notice. Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC. Voice-enabled smart speaker device is not included.

  • Water Dispensers & Ice Makers

    Many of our fridges come with water dispensers and ice makers; you’ll find plumbed and non-plumbed types in store. Water dispensers and ice makers are popular features of many modern fridges, but LG takes these technologies to a whole new level.

  • Retractable Shelving & Extra Space Compartments

    Some of our fridges come with adaptable shelving and compartments designed to maximise storage space.

    Retractable shelving – which you’ll find on selected models, including this 847L French door fridge in matte black – allow you to customise the internal configuration, depending on what you’re intending to store. If you have tall bottles in there, for example, you can push back the shelves to accommodate these.

    Other models also feature clever storage solutions, like drawer compartments fitted into the fridge floor. These are great for chilling smaller items such as eggs, cheese or chocolate.


    The HYGIENE FRESH+ feature is an air filtration system that’s designed to minimise fridge odours. A fan filters food odours through a carbon deodoriser, and then re-circulates the treated air.


    MULTI AIRFLOW technology allows cold air to circulate properly, chilling food from the front and back to help keep food fresher for longer.

  • FRESHBalancer®

    The FRESHBalancer® feature allows you to control humidity in the storage drawer; at the same time, the drawer’s hexagonal structure helps to retain moisture. Together, this helps to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

  • Ready to Buy a New Fridge?

    Feed your family and fuel your day with a fridge from LG. From huge households to little ones, our refrigerators use innovative technologies to make mealtimes a bit easier – and a lot more enjoyable. From fancy features to stylish designs, browse the full range of LG Fridges to find the perfect fridge for your kitchen.

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