Retrofit Solution

Upgrade you HVAC system with retrofit solution air conditioner systems. Quickly replace indoor or outdoor units by recycling old materials and save more than 50% of energy per year with an optimized inverter system that delivers comfortable cooling. Discover more now.

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Why LG Retrofit Solution?

LG Retrofit Solution can be used to replace indoor and outdoor units with an inverter system while reusing existing pipes, saving money and time.

Old air conditioners installed at home are replaced with new LG air conditioners through retrofit solutions, and performance is improved.

*Compared to LG old constant single model(EER of LB-C488ETA0)
**The results are based on 24 consecutive hours(yearly) of operation using average weather data (TMY/ISO 15927-4:2005) in the UAE region, and the target temperature of the product is 22℃. The electricity bill is subject to the criteria announced by DEWA and the results may vary depending on the conditions.(Compared model, Before : LB-C488ETA0 / After : AB-Q48GM3T1)

Old indoor and outdoor unit will be replaced with LG outdoor and indoor unit without changing pipes.

Quick & Easy Replacement

LG Air Conditioner Retrofit solution can reuse existing installation materials such as power lines, breakers, communication lines, drains, and pipes. This reduces costs and installation times and eliminates the need for intrusive construction.

LG outdoor unit is installed on the outside wall of the house, and LG Inverter Compressor is operating powerfully.

High Efficiency And Performance With LG Inverter Technology

LG Inverter Compressor brings an entirely different level of energy saving to residential air solutions.

Maximized Energy Efficiency

The Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts the operation range once it reaches a set temperature. It not only provides world-class energy efficiency but also improves cooling comfort.

*Energy savings may vary depending on site conditions.

Maximize Savings And Get Payback

With LG Inverter technology, you can reduce unnecessary energy use and save on electricity bills. Life Cycle Cost (L.C.C.) analysis helps estimate energy savings and payback you could get when using Retrofit Solution’s Inverter technology.

Upgrade Performance And Change Design

Customers can choose a higher capacity unit that is the same size as their current one, and are able to connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit*. Not only are the indoor units highly efficient, their design is also sleek and elegant to complement any home's interior. You can operate multiple simultaneously with a remote control.

It shows that several LG indoor units are connected with one LG outdoor unit, and that it can be operated with one controller.

*This is not available with the single outdoor unit series.

Breathe Cleaner Air With LG’s Air Quality Technology

LG cassette air conditioners are equipped with an air purification function so you can enjoy cleaner and healthier air.

Breathe Cleaner Air with LG’s Air Quality Technology

Air Purification for Cassette Type

Air Purification For Cassette Type

LG Cassette type's powerful 5-step air purification system manages indoor air quality. Filter maintenance is more convenient thanks to washable semi-permanent filters (pre-filter and PM 1.0 filter) that are easy to clean.

A Longer Lifespan With New Technology

LG's advanced Inverter compressor is more stable and reliable thanks to its variable and wide operation range.

Enhanced Durability With Black Fin*

Black coating with enhanced epoxy resin is applied for strong protection from various corrosive external conditioners.

*Single products are excluded.

A One-Stop Solution With A Trustworthy Partner

Hi-M Solutech is a global comprehensive service company that provides the trustworthy professional service to customers. Its comprehensive maintenance services are based on the results of precision diagnosis.

Increased Efficiency

Increase system efficiency and performance

Preventive Maintenance

Avoid future failures with preventative maintenance


Optimize operating conditions


Prevent peeling of coatings and rust

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