An Image of a sales clerk smiling and giving a customer shopping bags in a clothing store.

Design Your Store To Be A Popular Place

Optimal Design & Performance

- Tailored design & performance for each space with various options
- Slim and compact indoor units
- Modular design with separate compressor and heat exchanger

Energy Saving

- A Human Detection Sensor adjusts time and direction
- Heat waste from indoor units can be used for hot water

An outdoor mall with thumbnails of a showroom, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a fast-food restaurant, and a clothing store.

An image of a coffee shop at shopping mall with air conditioning on.

Coffee Shops With Stylish Interiors

The Round Cassette has a refined design to make the interior of a store stand out.

An image of a restaurant at a shopping mall with air conditioning on.

Large Restaurants

The Ceiling Convertible creates powerful wind speed and volume, and can send air up to 15 meters to cool and heat large spaces quickly.

An Image of people at a car showroom with air conditioning on.

Showrooms With Frequent Visitors

The Smart 4 Way Cassette with Human Detection Sensor saves energy by detecting the number of people and type of space, then adjusting the driving time and air direction.

Images of someone washing vegetables with hot water and a fast food restaurant interior.

Restaurants With Cold Water Washing

Using the Multi V S together with the Hydro Kit reduces the cost of energy by reusing the waste heat from the indoor unit for cooling water.

An Image of front window of a clothing store from outside viewpoint.

Clothing Stores Without Enough Outdoor Space

Multi V M is modular with separate compressors and heat exchangers so you can install an outdoor unit indoors.

Product Lineup For Your Retail Space

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