42″, 47″, 55F"

Welcome Screen

First impression is very important when visiting hotels. The presence of a warm welcome message with the hotel name and logo on the TV screen when you enter the room guest makes him feel more welcome and the extent of Aatnaik it.Sometimes small things can make a big difference.

Pro : The term

System " DRM "The world's leading This system facilitates the opening of advanced content and makes use of the screen is easier and faster than ever before and had been allocated directly to access the digital content for screens of high quality and all the satellites and cables " Service in DVD or " and therefore this the system provides the cost of maintenance.  system " DRM "Provider protection program " Kubiraat " It prevents the original version of the system leak

Mixed flow

With mixed flow property today you can choose between network " RF " Or " ABC " Or both together, something that increases the connectivity options Hotel Services thus providing investment costs for network " ABC " Ins.

BYD property

Hotel screen from LG features BYD property that allows guests to use a computer linked to the screen without the need for wires

Several Web & HTML tags 5

Several Web : several Web is a wonderful tool that allows for the completion of guest intelligent solutions, depending on the property " ABC " Services sail on the Internet. HTML tags 5 : the new generation of HTML tags provides you with developmental perimeter of the richest and lets you create television applications hotel specialist as he easily create a self-designed solutions.


EzManager makes installation faster and easier with the function of automatic configuration.During installation, orientation EzManager installer to set up the TV with a few simple steps to continue without the need to prepare the list manually, and this saves time, and thus saves costs and effort.

DLNA feature

DLNA feature allows the user to share movies, music and photos stored in the digital devices in the home on the big screens. DLNA is a technology value used by tech-makers in order to share your digital data stored on external monitors.

Jack Buck control device

A simple way to satisfy the desires of the guests to use their own devices via the mobile connected with TV guests may wish to work on their portable devices. Components and operating functions in a Jack Buck enables them to control the digital display content on a TV special hospitality easily and whenever they wish.

Cloning Palio Drives property

Your normal USB device that can be the perfect machine for the reproduction of all the hotel TVs with amazing speed and with ease. Allow you to clone USB copy TV settings simply to all televisions using USB Drive, a wholly entrusted operation feature to save a lot of time without having to set each televisions, one by one.

Preloaded applications

You can today choose available for guest applications directly on the home page of the screen, and in addition to that van donated by LG applications become more diverse today as the prior applications Quick loading solve bandwidth problems away from the use of smart hotel applications as it ensures you the privacy and safety and entertainment .

Channel map

Today with the LG no longer need to bother managing lists of TV channels to search for different signals for each one. Channel map that allows users to edit the list of channels of their choice from any signal from multiple broadcast signals feature (DVB-T / C, analog or radio).

Provide intelligent energy

This screen LG provides 30% of energy consumption

Front - hour of any de

Hour of any DVD on the hotel screen from LG is an integrated out-hour set of functions useful as a function of alarm for the visitors, it's a property of saving costs for hoteliers as it is no longer needed after today to provide separate rooms Bmnbhatt.

External speakers

By adding additional speakers, guests can listen Alysot television from anywhere in the guest room.Even in the bathroom, guests can listen and control the TV's sound, and to expand the entertainment and comfort.

Animations base

Qaeda animated screen LG hotel allows guests to watch TV from almost any angle.The angle of rotation is estimated at 90 degrees in both directions. It's a nice feature to expand the convenience of guests.

kensington lock

LG TVs hotel protected by a Kensington lock, it's the most reliable to keep the property value of your solution.

Lock protection

LG has developed to protect the hotel screens and this system to prevent misuse or dealing with illegal contents, especially for places that must be their control, such as prisons and psychiatric hospitals and general stores

Directed infrared

Only Connect your interactive TV solution to LG and the service will be ready immediately, simply by using the remote control will be able to control the total TV at the same time

Anti-Theft System

Anti-theft system provides available in LG screens hotel and the security of the content in order to prevent the theft of televisions, and consists of a Kensington lock, and lock the bottom of the panel.

Hotel pattern

You can now choose the channel and power-saving features, with hotel style and you can control the TV settings in all the rooms directly from the central control room. You can prevent misuse by customers, and set limits on the level of sound, or reset the default settings for the TV. You can actually control everything.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Perfectly as a phone LG Smartphone, screen LG Smart Pro contains a built-in Wi-Fi device itself, to allow it to hotel guest to sail directly across the screen itself.

Intelligent corresponding copies

Corresponding smartphone versions allows guests to easily enjoy and rapid communication via televisions and smart phones without wires, which enables you to transfer your content and share personal TV with ease.

Hour of any de front predisposing

You can easily connect the clock to your TV anywhere where you need to watch for guests to be able to tell the time.

Pro : Central Intelligence

It is the smartest and safest way to control the privacy of all commercial television :  LG Pro : The Central Intelligence property offering guests the privacy and the ability to deal with the screen using a set of approved programs mainly on technology " ABC " And network connections, and HTML tags 5. thanks to this expansion in the control capability, screens hotels LG Concierge high specification allows you without resorting to decode opcode and in addition to the smart screen technology from LG allows you to enjoy a number of services such as the ability to communicate and to participate and watch what you wish offerings.

Smart Post

LG is keen to provide intelligent participation in the hotel-screen feature, this feature gives the user the ability to share files and images videos stored on the screen computer or digital camera or phones and with ease. * video display Vqt_ The content on inside phone can be played on TV via Smart participating in programs within the LG Mobile phones

Smart Post

RCG U property

Directing, pull, paste, payment. it's the most convenient remote control you with advanced technology, where you can use your expiation your computer.

All Spec



42F "/ 47F" / 55F "

The degree of clarity

1920 x 1080 (FHD)


The DE Edge LED





Foreign entrances audio

10W + 10W


RF (1 / 2Tuner)

1 Tuner

Mixed trend

(IP & RF)



Wi-Fi Direct




Preloaded programs




Speed ​​dialing


Hour of EDI, buzzer, alarm clock


Pro Term


Remote diagnostics




Web browsing


DLNA (film, image, music)


EZ Management

Version 2.0




External speakers (3.5 mm phone jack)

2 (Spk-out 1, Vol. Control 1)

AV Inputs


Digital audio outputs

1 horizontal

HDMI Inputs

(Side: 1, Rear: 2)


side: 2

Ascart full


RF Inputs


(D-sub 15 pin) entrances time


LAN Card Input




CI Input



The lowest energy saving


Average energy savings


The highest energy savings


Standby mode

0.3W ↓

Volt HZ

100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz

Measuring (TAP)


The upper limit (TAP)



Length × width × height

42F ": 957x634x294 47F": 1069x687x327 55F ": 1238x802x343


42F ": 14.1 47F": 17.2 55F ": 22.7


Average annual consumption


Lead %


Energy consumption

51.5 (42) 56.6 (47) 62.5 (55)

Mercury content ratio


Friend of Zhzr


Standby mode

0.3W ↓

ErP level


Lighting ratio


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