Air Handling Unit (AHU)

LG Air Handling Unit is a flexible air handling solution for a fresh and comfortable indoor environment that will you have feeling your best. LG AHU provides a better indoor environment with an energy-efficient system during all seasons.


AHU Solution for MULTI V

Flexible air handling solution for fresh and comfortable indoor climate


MULTI V-AHU Connection

MULTI V can be connected to the DX coil of an Air Handling Unit for fresh air conditioned environment. Various control options are prepared for LG controllers or supplied DDC, which can contact signal or Modbus protocols.


Energy Saving Air Control for All Climatic Needs

DX AHU is the Heat Pump AHU combined with unique technology of the AHU and MULTI V. As a new solution, it can provide cooling, heating and free cooling operations for energy reduction via air control throughout indoor and outdoor environments during all seasons.


Air Control via Temperature Sensor

When controlling the indoor air temperature, users can choose to set indoor temperature that matches either the supply air or return air via temperature sensor.

Flexible & Expandable Air Solution

AHU can be a suitable solution for various sites due to its application flexibility and wide range of line up with large capacity models. It can be connected to various field devices and its link to multiple 3rd party controllers make it an even more compatible air solution.


Various Options for Control Links

AHU can be connected to various control links such as individual remote controller, LG central control system, contact control via direct contact with DDC and Modbus communication control.


AHU Communication Kit

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