Direct Fired Absorption Chiller

Discover LG's Direct Fired Absorption Chillers, with powerful technology and great designs, LG is here to make your office cooler. Discover the product features below.


Absorption Chiller Direct Fired Type


Absorption Chiller Direct Fired Type

Absorption Chiller uses chemical refrigerating cycle using Li-Br absorbent. It is eco-friendly by using water as a refrigerant and can utilize energy resources efficiently through various heat sources such as gas, hot water and steam.


High Performance Stainless Steel Tube

Specially manufactured stainless steel heat pipe with LG's exclusive technology has the same heat transfer performance as copper pipe and has very high corrosion resistance compared to copper pipes, ensuring stable heat transfer performance even for long time operation.


Absorbent Concentration & Power Failure Control

The absorbent concentration is calculated by the built-in crystal control protection logic and the prevention control is executed when concentration rises above the set value. With automatic control, it prevents pre-absorption of liquid crystals and calculates the time from power failure to complete recovery through the independent timer.

Direct Fired Absorption Chiller

3 Parts Partition enables easy installation at narrow places such as remodeling & renovation sites.

Easy Pipe Cleaning

When cleaning the piping, only the water box cover can be opened without disconnecting the piping.

Digital Pressure Check

Digital pressure gauge is used to monitor the pressure inside the refrigerator in real time. The vacuum rate is automatically set and saved. The saved data can be used to accurately and quickly monitor and diagnose leakage.

Optimized Central Control

Control solutions such as ACP IV and AC Smart enable easy monitoring and allow remote control to manage various HVAC models at anywhere.


Absorption Chiller Line Up


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