AI Energy Management

Optimized Space Control

Powerful Performance

AI Energy Management

The AI-powered MULTI V i diagnoses and utilizes user behavior patterns, automatically sensing the room’s temperature, occupancy, and humidity levels to generate a centralized, energy-efficient, and optimal indoor environment.

Uplifted AI Technology for Spatial Comfort

The integration of AI technology with HVAC systems ushers in a new era of centralized thermal comfort MULTI V i optimizes the occupants’ productivity and maintains a comfortable indoor space through spatial and situational learning.

There are people who are meeting in the office and they're represented in turquoise braille.

Designed for Exceptional Performance  

Experience full performance under temperatures up to 43℃. Even at severe highs up to 52℃, it operates reliably, maintaining optimal indoor conditions in high-humidity climates.

The LG MULTI V i unit sits amid an outdoor deck in a mega city, its backdrop an urban green area bathed in the hazy sunlight.

* Results may vary with conditions and environment.

Combination Series

LG MULTI V i boasts a 26HP in a single unit, scaling to a 96HP by combining up to 4 units. It promotes flexibility in design, installation, and inventory management through its free combination.

Two LG MULTI V i units stand side by side on a rooftop, front-facing view, against a backdrop of towering skyscrapers cloaked in the glass.
Three LG MULTI V i units stand side by side on a rooftop, front-facing view, against a backdrop of assorted tall and short buildings.
Four LG MULTI V i units stand side by side on a rooftop, front-facing view, against a backdrop of a clear, blue sky.

2 Units

The standard combination performs 22-48 HP.

3 Units

The standard combination performs 50-72 HP.

4 Units

The standard combination performs 74-96 HP.

* The free combination performs from 22HP to 76HP. For more detailed information, please refer to the product data book.

Product Lineup

MULTI V i lineup offers a wide range capacity and combination of product.

8-12 HP

14-20 HP

22-26 HP

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